Random Disconnects From Server

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Random Disconnects From Server

Postby TheWildBoar » Tue 10 Apr 2018 23:50

Over the past year or more I have had issues with the game server. I am unsure of how or when it begun or even if it had been happening the whole time simply due to how long I have put up with the issue. The issue boils down to random disconnects from the server in battle, in campaign, in deck builder and in lobby with and without mods installed. I am also decently sure it is not my end as I have always kept my connections in VOIP and Google as I get disconnected. Last year the time between disconnects was usually a few hours, didn't fluctuate much around that, usually allowing me to play a match unimpeded but now, I usually get disconnected within 30 minutes, usually around the 15 minute mark and it happens without fault every time I log in with my account. I have tried disabling fire wall and various other forum fixes to no avail, there simply does not seem to be a fix for this problem.

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Re: Random Disconnects From Server

Postby Zecchin » Tue 9 Mar 2021 21:21

I have the same problem :x

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