PT-90 Supply Usage Bug

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PT-90 Supply Usage Bug

Postby cerbatron42 » Mon 11 Feb 2019 20:49

Today i tested some Fuel usages with different vehicles.
Different Calibers use how much Supplies etc.

Then i found a strange bug. when i let the PT-90 shoot once he uses 425 Supplies to fill up. when i let him Shoot twice he uses 450. So just the first shot needs 425 Supplies to fill up, the next the usual 25.

The complete (Russian) Tanks with a 125mm uses 25 Supplies per Shot.

The Bug is 100% reproducable at my PC. Restartet twice, Bug occured in 4 Games.

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Re: PT-90 Supply Usage Bug

Postby Shifu » Mon 11 Feb 2019 23:59

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