[Login Recovery] Email recovery isnt working.

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[Login Recovery] Email recovery isnt working.

Postby Tactical Moose » Wed 11 Sep 2019 18:31

Tactical Moose-
So I bought Wargaming Red Dragon and obviously I made an account, after making the account it asked me to log in.
I entered my log in and password correctly but it gives me an error saying both are wrong, so I try again. I try every single variation of what I entered despite knowing I was correct the first time round and still nothing, so I try the recovery feature and yet it doesn't work- it doesn't send me an email. I tried both my gmails, I tried my brother's email, I tried my parent's emails which aren't gmails and nothing comes through.
I went on steam support and just looked around at all the forums and so far people have said 1 of 3 things:
"This is why I dont trust Eugen"
"Same issue, no fix"
"Refund it immediately".
I bought the game and downloaded it overnight just to be told by something which is for all I know FUBAR and that my correct information is wrong but theres nothing to fix or change it.

I did however notice that on forums with responses its usually along the lines of "Oh sorry, the servers crashed" etcetera however I dont want to wait a week just to be told that I need to refund it anyway because it isn't infact the servers just playing up.
So yeah by all means if you have a fix or something that has the slightest chance of working then shoot me a response because I am, lets say- (for lack of more colourful language) thoroughly annoyed, that this has happened.

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