[MOD]Realistic But Balanced, aka RBB mod.

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[MOD]Realistic But Balanced, aka RBB mod.

Postby Lynx617 » Sun 18 Apr 2021 18:39

The overall principle of mod:

In order to match the original map size and ensure gameplay, the maximum range and movement speed for each category of the unit will not be changed significantly. The core game mechanism and system are not changed, like the maximum detection distance of each class of units, and the minimum targeting time of each class unit. The new units and upgrade units are consistent with the game unit model, and there is no M1A55 in the mod (referring to the behavior of representing M1A2 with a T-55 model, or representing the Leopard 2A7 with the Challenger 2 model, etc.).

The goal of the mod:

To make the unit capacity of the Red Dragon as realistic as possible,(more fun,like fucking great s13d,13heFAE) in the premise of the overall principle of the mod, in accordance to the original data as the overall balance benchmark, and in order to ensure BOTH the balance of the game and the gameplay.

Changes that mod has made:

(The number of units changed correspondingly is in the parentheses)

100mm and above caliber naval gun's new indirect firing ability
(the reds become the navy fucking god)
(9 different units)
(Range is similar to the original direct shot, ranging from 4-6 km, indirect aim time nerfed according to caliber)
The naval gun in the realism MOD indirectly firing
KONGO INDIRECT FIRE.png (457.71 KiB) Viewed 7696 times

Indirect firing ability for engineering tanks and flamethrower tanks/cars/boats, the NAPLAM that were visually fired in an arc can finally be fired over obstacles. 
(12 different units)
(indirect aim time nerfed)

Air rockets damage realization, 57mm rockets are no longer useless and 122mm rockets are even more powerful
(27 different aircraft units,64 different helicopter units and 1 vehicle unit)

Anti-Aircraft Gun damage realization, 20mm and 35mm anti-aircraft artillery no longer share the same HE
(55 different AAA units)

More realistic Anti-Aircraft Gun's anti-ground range, in addition to OTOMATIC, the anti-ground range of the anti-aircraft gun can reach up to 1925m
(55 different artillery units)

More realistic Anti-Aircraft Gun's rate of fire, up to 4,500 rounds per minute
(31 different artillery units)
This change combined with the reality of Anti-Aircraft Gun damage realization can make Helo Rush without Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses support undergo way heavier losses
(meaning a significant increase in opening Helo Rush costs)(yes,fucking hr,you will never hurt me,lol)

Improved radar Anti-Aircraft Gun anti-saturation attack capability
(19 different AAG units after 1983)
Aim time reduced from 1 second to 0.3 seconds, and as a contrast, the M163, the vanilla fastest aim radar gun, has an aim time of 0.2 seconds(m163------------------------hr.jpg)
(10 different AAG units from before 1980)
Aim time reduced from 1 second to 0.65 seconds, as a comparison, the vanilla photoelectric AAG aim time was unified at 1 second
(A properly positioned radar gun can quickly destroy dozens of passing helicopters in a short time)

Standardization of jet cannon according to caliber, all those 30 mm single-barrel jet gun is no longer a peashooter
(230 or so aircraft units)

More realistic jet cannon's rate of fire, up to 9000 rounds per minute(no more Plastic guns)
(71 different aircraft units)
Some old models of jet cannon have not been changed because of a lack of data(yes,is you,ns37)

Aerial bombs, i.e. high-explosive bombs, laser-guided bombs, cluster bombs, and napalm bombs got realistic damage and splash radius while their reloading time was slowed and standardized as one of the balance changes. 250kg bombs carpet-bombing should reliably destroy things now.
(52 different bomber units,
39 different multi-purpose aircraft units)
(Square Remover in RBB MOD: Su-24M)

Air-to-ground missiles got realistic damage and splash radius while their reloading time was slowed and standardized as one of the balance changes. These AGM can now be used as poor man's laser-guided bombs
(32 different aircraft units)
(Can be manually ordered to fire at a position like a laser-guided bomb, and have different AOE radius depending on IRL explosive filling)

More realistic anti-radiation missile damage and splash radius. Remember when you see a radar AA nullified your anti-radiation missile damage just because it turned off the radar and moved 5 meters away? The AA won't get away unscratched this time.
(17 different Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses aircraft units and 2 helicopter units)
(The anti-radiation missile can also be ordered to attack fixed radar position and have different AOE damage depending on their IRL explosive filling weight)

Heavy anti-air missile's capability realized. More efficient anti-aircraft missiles are your first choice to negate the impact of improved aircraft lethality
(22 different units)
(Optional optoelectronic mode, optional ripple fire mode, multi-targeting capability, ability to fire on the move)
The TOR-M1 in the RBB MOD, the second weapon slot is for the switchable photoelectric mode(TOR's power)

More realistic precision of heavy anti-aircraft missiles. The Patriot missile should betray your trust less frequently
(26 different units)

Semi-active radar-guided air-to-air missiles received a realistic dual-shot simultaneous guidance mode. The 155-point SU-27S is finally worth the price, and the 135-point TORNADO becomes an even more capable fighter.
(20 different air superiority fighter units,
1 multi-role aircraft unit,
1 Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses aircraft unit)
The Su-27S, which carries semi-active radar-guided air-to-air missiles in the RBB MOD
su-27S KILLED A-10C SIDE VIEW.jpg (183.49 KiB) Viewed 7696 times

The Su-27S shot down an A-10C in a two-aircraft formation that was attacking a ground target, noting that there were three missiles in the air, the two on the left were Su-27's two-in-a-row semi-active radar air-to-air missiles, and the one on the right was an infrared air-to-air missile
su-27S KILLED A-10C ground VIEW.jpg
su-27S KILLED A-10C ground VIEW.jpg (223.6 KiB) Viewed 7696 times

Radar-guided air-to-air missiles have an increased range of 700m and an additional ability to lock on helicopters. An advanced air superiorIty fighter no longer needs to dive at a helicopter multiple times in order to score a kill.
(44 different air superiority fighter units, 
4 different interceptor units,
6 different multi-role aircraft units,
2 different Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses aircraft units)

The range of helicopter-borne anti-tank missiles is standardized according to the standards followed by most in-game anti-tank missiles, and the range advantages of Vortex and Hellfire are finally reflected (see community documentation for specific standards)
(5 different blue helicopters and 4 different red helicopters with range increased from 2800 to 2975)

The anti-helicopter range of anti-air missiles is standardized to the standards followed by most in-game anti-air missiles. Helicopters' realized rockets and missiles are strong, but anti-aircraft missiles are not underpowered either.
(10 different SPAAG(with missiles) units,
68 different pure anti-air missile units,
42 different MANPADS units,
14 different helicopter-mounted anti-air missile units)
(shortest maximum range increased to 2450m and longest maximum range stays at 3500m, the same as the vanilla max range)

An average MANPADS unit in RBB MOD, ITO 86M. Imagine how capable a STINGER-C unit could be.
The number of units per card of infantry increased by 60%, which make the infantry gameplay a lot more forgiving

(474 different infantry/infantry carrier units)

Infantry anti-tank missiles have increased accuracy and standardized flight speed to better reflect their high precision against stationary targets IRL.
Their low precision against moving targets is mainly reflected in the fact that compared to the air-launched ATGM, ground-launched ATGM is slower and more likely to lose LOS due to various ground obstacles.
(39 different infantry units,
46 IFV/vehicle units equipped with the same ATGM)
(All Infantry ATGM are now more accurate and some slow-flying ATGM now fly faster)

Superheavy tanks that are 165 points or more got "GOOD" optics to better reflect the reconnaissance capability advantages of the third-generation tanks.
(13 different tank units)

More realistic thermobaric weapon lethality and splash radius. 1kg thermobaric explosive is equivalent to 3-5kg conventional explosive IRL.
(1 helicopter unit,
4 different aircraft units,
1 rocket unit)
TOS-1's thermobaric rockets get realistic damage, but its range and reload time both got realistic too(closer range and way slower reload)

Cluster, high-explosive, incendiary, and thermobaric MLRS got realistic damage and splash radius while their reloading time was slowed and standardized as one of the balance changes. Infantry is no longer immune to cluster rockets, and small-caliber MLRS can now do some sizable damage instead of close to zero damage as in vanilla.
(12 different cluster MLRS units,
17 different high-explosive MLRS units,
7 different incendiary MLRS units,
1 thermobaric MLRS unit)

Mortar got more realistic damage, splash radius, and trajectory, and their supply cost, price, and availability were nerfed accordingly. Unlike vanilla where mortars are mainly used for suppression damage, mortars in RBB MOD can now pack a serious punch. 160mm mortars' lethality is now comparable to 175mm heavy artillery, while 60mm mortars although small in caliber are not to be ignored. Those specialized decks with no advanced FCS artillery can also use mortar now as a budget version of FCS artillery.
(40 different mortar units)

The dispersion of the mortars in the RBB MOD remains unchanged, but it can be seen from the image that the craters are much larger, which makes the 160mm mortar shell actually "160mm" powerful.

To correct the high-explosion damage resistance problem of medium-thick armor, units with different medium-thick armor were changed from having identical resistance to high-explosion damage in vanilla to having incremental resistance with incremental armor. To put it simply, medium and heavy tanks can now use side armor to tank more high-explosive damage.
(Although the vanilla game generally follows a rule of the thicker the armor, the lower the high explosion damage, for different medium thickness armor, the high explosive damage resistance is all unified)

Ground/ship launch anti-tank missile range is standardized according to the standards followed by most in-game anti-tank missiles.
(2 red and 2 blue units got a range increase of 175m(from 2800m to 2975m), and a red unit got a range increase of 350m,(from 1575m to 1925m))

All 7.62mm Gatlin machine gun gets a more realistic rate of fire. the powerful Gatlin machine gun is no longer exclusive to the MI-24hind.
(14 different helicopter units,
1 vehicle unit)

Ground-launched anti-tank missiles are standardized to the standards followed by most in-game anti-tank missiles, and Israel is no longer the only nation with 28AP anti-tank missiles 
(4 red units with AP+1, 2 red units with AP+2, 1 blue unit with AP+9, 1 blue unit with AP+3)

There are more scattered changes, equipment upgrades, and additions, such as the addition of an optional photoelectric mode and stabilizer of the OTOMATIC 76 mm anti-aircraft gun, West Germany's 1995 Hawk PIP3 anti-aircraft missile, super high penetration PZF-3 IT600 rockets, and RPG-29 with a new sighting device. I will leave the rest for you to discover in the game.

RBB MOD comes with MOD Manager which supports one-click switching between Vanilla game and MOD and automatically saves your decks, MOD decks and vanilla decks are separated by MOD manager and they will not affect each other.

Thank you for reading,if you want to know more about the RBB MOD detail,please go to our discord https://discord.gg/UyzNgGvwmq or steam community https://s.team/chat/dJ6d8MSo

If you want more interesting images ,please go to these link https://www.reddit.com/r/wargame/comments/mpeyzw/modrealistic_but_balanced_aka_rbb_mod/

If you are a chinese player,please join us qq group 237370579

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Re: [MOD]Realistic But Balanced, aka RBB mod.

Postby molnibalage » Tue 4 May 2021 13:05

The TOR-M1 in the RBB MOD, the second weapon slot is for the switchable photoelectric mode(TOR's power)

Osa also had optical tracking capability...
I guess you wished to modell the two target channels.

But I have to say there are things which no MOD can't fix or tried.
Just some...

RL 8km range
WG 2800 m range

RL 8km range
WG 3375 range

And so on. The ATGM / SAM range are simply WAY out ot balance. Why? Because the helos are simply badly presented in the game with too much availability.

Also it us quite funny that the RCG 2K22(M) and Crotale are immune to SEAD and ARH while the also RCG Roland is not...? WUT?
Just because the 2K22(M) uses RCG it emits radio waves as the Roland or Crotale. This is 100% biased and bad modeling.

The helo/SAM/AAA balance is simply nonexistent in the game. In ALB the AAA was overpriced but had very short effective range mostly is cause quick more drop. They simply should be cheaper with much range. It is insane that AAAs in RL 2km range or less can have the same range as 4km+ ATGMs...


It is also simply funny that most of guns at 2275 range is almost just as accurate as GUIDED missiles.
A f****** ATGM can have much lower base ACC above 2 km than a GUN....
My eyes on you Maljutka and every other older ATGMs.
Another "little" problem their range and speed... If an ATGM with 2626 m range is launch a missile a tank with 2275 m range gun can get in range a fire before some ATGM reach is target. This is "funny" as hell...

Speed of EVERY land units should be lowered or the speed of the ATGMs shall be higher or much higher.

You also did not touch as I see the arty. The 120 mm mortars are simply OP comaring to 105/122mm arty or old arty which are usless because of their long aim time.

The tube arty also should be modded as way drop their constant dispersion. It is quite a "funny" world where rocket arty has distant dependent dispersion but tube arty is not...

Neva as army air defense SAM? WUT? Where is the 2K11 Krug instead...?
How could be more potent the Neva over ANY 2K12 Kub? The base ACC value of the Kubs are also quite funny... They were just as good and potent and contemporary HAWK.

Is it possible to reduce somehow the reverse speed of the tanks? It is insane that a top tier tanks cannot be chased and kill because it can move just as fast in reverse as can do ahead...

I loved this game but as I played more and more I saw how failed many things even comparing to ALB...

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Re: [MOD]Realistic But Balanced, aka RBB mod.

Postby molnibalage » Wed 12 May 2021 10:44

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