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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby MaulMachine » Sun 3 Oct 2021 04:55

Hello, friends.

I'm looking to reconstruct the 2nd Korean War mod to change the composition of the armies in the campaign, and also add pawns and armies from other campaigns. Do I actually need to modify the NDF files at all for this? I may be going nuts, but I don't think it's actually going to require that, is it? I'm not changing any units, not changing models, not changing maps, just changing the armies and adding more of them. Do I even need to use tools for this?

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Raiden » Sun 3 Oct 2021 23:47

alexeistukov1 wrote:Hello everyone,

When i make a change to everything.NDF in the wargame modding suite, and choose the 'save' option, the NDF's changes are not actually saved; if I open everything.NDF again after I close it, the change is reset. Likewise, testing ingame clearly shows that my desired change did not take place.

I am presently trying to incrase FOB maximum supply to 99,999. I edit 58710's NDF_WIN, open everything.ndf, go to line 118, pick the last entry of 118 (the 16,000 supply one), change its max supply to 99,999- then I save, close everything, and close the modding suite.

What am I doing wrong?

Win 10, on the SADF update, I tried running the suite as an admin. Epic Game Store user.

Try to hit enter when you change value of supply and then save
MS working fine for me after new update

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby MaulMachine » Tue 5 Oct 2021 03:31

As an expansion of my previous question: Which files should I modify, and with which tools, to transplant battlegroups from Busan Pocket into 2nd Korean War? Not change them, just copy and paste.

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby alexeistukov1 » Tue 5 Oct 2021 04:22

Hey thanks, that solved everything!

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Larc » Sun 10 Oct 2021 20:08

Hello, I'm new to modding this game and I'm running into a wall on how to change a vehicles optics and stealth. I understand I need to do something with the modules in ScannerConfiguration and Visibility, but I'm unsure how to get a different module to apply to the unit I want changed.

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby vinz75 » Sat 23 Oct 2021 11:05

Hello Larc,

here's how to find the stealth characteristic.
stealth.png (162.23 KiB) Viewed 585 times

I forgot between 4 and 5 you have to select the visibility module :oops:
:!: Warning! modules are often used by several units, maybe it would be best to find a unit with the desired stealth level and note the module number at step 5 (in value tab it's 32985 here)
Then replace you unit module with this one at step 5. :)

Below is the optics path
optics.png (214.47 KiB) Viewed 585 times

"portee vision" is french, in english that's visual range ;)

:!: Same I don't know all the values meaning, better to change to a module found on another unit at step 6

to estimate range values (step 7) here's a table I have for gun ranges with the ration meter to number:

met number ratio
1400 104000 74,28571429
1575 117000 74,28571429
1750 130000 74,28571429
1225 91000 74,28571429
1050 78000 74,28571429
1925 143000 74,28571429
2100 156000 74,28571429
2275 169000 74,28571429
1820 135200 74,28571429
2625 195000 74,28571429
3150 234000 74,28571429
2450 182000 74,28571429
3850 286000 74,28571429


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