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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Xarayezona » Tue 12 Sep 2017 07:45

The W:AB Noob wrote:For this patch, I believe that the NDF_Win.dat file you want to mod is in the last folder. The unites.dic in ZZ_Win.dat is in the second-to-last.

Ah, I see, I was exclusively using the second to last folder. I've got it working now, thanks.

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Omarncdn » Mon 9 Oct 2017 18:10

Randomletters wrote:
AtheistDane wrote:How do you change the amount of supplies in a FOB?

Inside everything.ndfbin, ID 118 TModernWarfareSupplyDescriptor, Instance 39140 controls FOB supply. The individual FOBs are mixed into TUniteAuSolDescriptor.

I have no idea, can someone post a visual walkthrough please :)

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Sireyn » Wed 11 Oct 2017 08:37

1. Open gfx\everything within the NDF_Win.dat

2. Search "TModernWarfareSupplyDescriptor", which should be number 118 down the list
You now have a list of all the different kinds of supply. One of them references FOB supply.

3. Open number 42609 from the center column- this is FOB supply (you can tell because of its "SupplyCapacity")

4. Edit to your liking and save. As you can see, I have mine set as 40,000.


Note that this is only the supply, not the FOB itself. The FOB units are located in "82 : TUniteDescriptor", should you ever need to know.

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby The W:AB Noob » Mon 16 Oct 2017 05:56

Sireyn saves the day again
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