The W:RD Sandbox Mod (5.4.3) [2020 Vision]

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Re: The W:RD Sandbox Mod (5.4.3) [2020 Vision]

Postby The W:AB Noob » Wed 29 Jul 2020 01:15

Finally released the new patch! For a while I thought something was broken with the Sandbox Mod in the new version but it turns out something in my profile was causing the game to crash. Once I reverted to an old profile, I found that changing the destination of the NDF_Win.dat does indeed work like what Bollywood, Alfas23, and some others on ModDb said. This took way longer than it should have since I've been pretty busy at work, but thank your for being patient during the 2-month long wait!

As for Naval, I did get so that Scandinavian and Eurocorp coalitions could have Naval decks and get the bonuses and it worked with no problem. However, exporting the everything.ndfbin for some reason does not work correctly so I could not make it an option in the installer. For now, I put it as a separate NDF_Win.dat file and also uploaded that to ModDb. (Clunky, I know.) Hopefully I'll fix that one day.

Also, I made this Discord channel so people can find others to play with and notify me faster when something is broken:
W:RD Sandbox Mod 5.4.3 Click -> Image

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Re: The W:RD Sandbox Mod (5.4.3) [2020 Vision]

Postby ClearSoul » Sun 2 Aug 2020 17:28

Can you please tell me how to uninstall your mod? Because I have made mistake, putting mark for only bluefor decks. I want to create redfor decks too.

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