War in the East mod

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War in the East mod

Postby Xenon » Wed 8 Oct 2014 09:53


The ideas for this mod started as soon as I noted that some MGs are completely useless in terms of killing power (examples: M60 series, Bren, PKM). The first concept mod was made for ALB, but as the RD improvements to SPAAGs and other things made RD much better, porting everything back was a chore.

I recently restarted the mod in RD after thinking about at least field testing things in the game. Uralgraznomod was a great inspiration for making line infantry more interesting.

General things

I find that the following is in need of fixing (in vanilla):

MGs (full rebalance)
Clusters (full rebalance so they are useful again)
LRAAMs and Patriot (removal or extensive fixing)
ATGMs (checking the accuracy/flight behavior of certain missiles)

With those ideas in mind, I tried to change as little as possible.

Changelog (version 7)

All infantry MGs rebalanced in terms of accuracy (so as to improve HE/s)



reasoning: MGs have problems killing and suppressing stuff. Using the spreadsheet (Hidden Knowledge), I tinkered with the stats, and the simplest way to fix things was to increase the MG accuracy. I used the MG3 as the standard around which balancing will happen, so that that weapon is still the best, however, not anymore head and shoulders above the rest. Number of MGs should be more important now, making line infantry much more interesting. Shock infantry still has a large advantage as far as mobility and attacking through a city/forest are concerned, and elites should now be increasingly used for special duties rather than as line infantry.

LAW/RPG data from Orcbuster's thread

reasoning: Orcbuster did his research and made every AT launcher more reasonable and useful for something in its price range. Range and accuracy changes should allow for more maneuver around cities, unlike right now.

Interceptors and Patriots removed

reasoning: Patriots are very bad for balance, in my opinion. On the other hand, allowing the other side to have a possibility of shooting down planes from long range (as poor as the unit itself is right now) is bad all the same, so I removed Mig-31s as well.

PIVADS aiming time brought into line with all other AAA

reasoning: PIVADS still has 0,2 aiming time, while all other AAA has an aiming time of at least 1. This makes the PIVADS both able to stunlock infantry in forests and a much better AA platform than other weapons.

Cluster bombs AP increased by 3 across the board

reasoning: Cluster bombs are currently uninteresting in vanilla. This is intended as a test to make a variety of planes more useful (for example: F-16, F-111F).

Installation instructions

Download the version 7 zip from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2axj7dnimd6gu ... 7.zip?dl=0

Find your Steam folder. Go to:

steamapps -> common -> Wargame Red Dragon -> Data -> WARGAME -> PC -> 430000585

Backup your NDF_Win.dat (you can rename it into NDF_Win_old.dat, or NDF_Win.old, or just copy it to a backup folder).

Extract the NDF_Win.dat from the version 7.zip archive into the 430000585 folder. Overwrite the vanilla NDF_Win.dat. That's it!

To check if everything has been installed properly, run the game and go into the armory. Find US Marines '90 and check that they have 35% accuracy and 16 AP on the M72A4 launcher, and 60% accuracy (30% stabilized) on the Minimi. If they do, you have successfully installed War in the East mod!

To uninstall, simply replace the modified NDF_Win.dat with the vanilla backup you made. Alternately (or if that fails), you can verify your local game cache from steam, and it will redownload the vanilla file.

What is next?

First of all, and most important, is testing the new stats. Post here if you are interested in playing games in this mod. If there is enough interest in the mod, I will create a Steam community group.

Overall price and availability changes. Small changes will need to be made to units that are known to be useless compared to other units in the same price bracket.

ATGM stats/behavior. Currently, some ATGMs underperform, while others overperform when it comes to their listed accuracy values. If I can find a reason for this, I might be able to mod it.

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War in the East mod version 10 is out

Postby Xenon » Sat 22 Nov 2014 10:23

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/stwipcbv3c3o5 ... 0.zip?dl=0

It was not going to be an easy day for the T-62s of the engineering battalion. The leading recon BRDM was knocked out by a shell shortly after reporting the presence of a lone M1 tank in the village. Commander Kozlin, observing the outskirts through the command tank's periscope, slammed his fist against the turret and ordered an advance. He could only hope that the improved AP rounds they were given a few weeks prior to the start of hostilities would prove up to the task.

Welcome again to War in the East, this time in its second public iteration, version 10. Since the old mod was made for Red Dragon patch 585, I've remade the mod from scratch, and this time with a different idea. The logic is now only Cat A friendly.

I went over all the tank lines and guns and changed the AP value according to the gun used to the best one in that country's inventory (with the exception of top-end prototypes). For example, all T-55s have the D-10T gun. The best tank in the USSR line is the T-55AMV with an AP of 15 at 2100m, so all T-55s with 2100m range have an AP of 15, while all those with 1925m range have 16 AP.

This makes older tanks capable of doing damage instead of being just meatshields, and turns them into potent ambush and standoff units. Of course, they still lack proper FCS, range and armor.

Additionally, some of the useless infantry loadouts have been replaced with better equipment

In light of all the changes, I've done small price rebalancing.

Following is the full changelist:

Spoiler : Changes :
Motostrelki '90 PKM to RPK-74
Motostrelki PKM to RPK
Morskaya '90 RPG-7V to RPG-7VR
VDV and VDV '90 AK-74 to AKS-74U (debated, might change back)
Delta Force LAW to Carl Gustav M2, M60E3 to Minimi, 30 pts
Rifles '90 M60 to Minimi
Marines '90 LAW to AT4
SBS Bren to L86
Razvedka RPG to RPG-7VR

T-55, T-55A, TO-55 AP to 16
Other T-55s AP to 15

T-62, TO-62 AP to 17
T-62 obr. 75 AP to 16
other T-62s AP to 15
T-62M-1 to 45 pts
T-62M to 55 pts
T-62MV-1 to 60 pts

T-64A, T-64B AP to 18
T-64BV1 AP to 20
T-64BV to 125 pts

T-72 AP to 16
T-72A AP to 18
T-72B, T-72B1 AP to 20
T-72 to 40 pts
T-72B1 to 95 pts
T-72B to 100 pts

T-80 series AP to 20
T-80A to 115 pts, prototype status removed
T-80UM to 170 pts

KPz T-72 to 40 pts
KPz T-72M to 50 pts
KPz T-72S1 to 120 pts
KPz T-72S to 125 pts

POL T-72 to 40 pts
POL T-72S to 125 pts

T-55AM Merida AP to 15
T-72M1 Jaguar AP to 18
T-72M1 Wilk AP to 20
T-72M Jaguar to 50 pts
T-72M1 Jaguar to 80 pts
T-72M1 Wilk to 95 pts
T-72M2 Wilk to 120 pts

CZ T-72 to 40 pts
CZ T-72M to 50 pts
CZ T-72M1 to 80 pts
T-72M1M to 100 pts
CZ T-72S to 120 pts

Ch'onma Ho AP to 17
Ch'onma Ho II AP to 16
Type 59 AP to 16
Type 59-I AP to 16
Ch'onma Ho to 25 pts
NorK T-72M to 65 pts
NorK T-90S to 170 pts

ZTZ-59-I AP to 16
ZTZ-59-II AP to 15
ZTZ-59-IIA AP to 16
ZTZ-88 AP to 16

M1A1 120mm series AP universally to 22
M1A1HC armor to 22
M1 series AP to 15
M60A3 AP to 15
M48A5, M60A1 USMC, M60A1 AOS, M60A1 RISE Patton AP to 13
M60A1 ERA to 50 pts
Super M60 to 55 pts
M60A3 to 40 pts
M60A1 RISE to 30 pts
M60A1 AOS to 30 pts
M60A1 USMC to 25 pts
M48A5 USMC to 20 pts

Challenger 1 AP universally to 21
Chieftain Mk2 AP to 21, Mk5 and Mk10 to 20
Challenger 1 to 120 pts
Challenger 1mk3 to 150 pts

AMX-30B2 AP to 17
AMX-32 AP to 19
AMX-10RC AP to 15
AMX-30B2 Brennus to 60 pts

Leo 1A4 AP to 16
Leo 1A2 AP to 17
Leo 1A1 AP to 17

KPz Keiler, Leo2 series AP universally to 19
KPz M48A2G to 15 pts
KPz M48A2G2 to 20 pts
Leo 2 to 85 pts
Leo 2A1 to 100 pts
Leo 2A4 to 130 pts
Keiler to 75 pts

Leo C1 AP to 16
CMD Leo C1 AP to 16
Centurion Mk6 AP to 12
Chimera AP to 21

STRV 103B AP to 16
Leo 1NO AP to 16
NOR M48A1 to 15 pts
NOR M48A5 to 20 pts

Nana Yon Shiki C AP to 16
Nana Yon Shiki E AP to 15
M48A3K to 20 pts
M48A5K to 30 pts
M48A5K WRSA to 40 pts


Same as version 7, just install into steamapps -> common -> Wargame Red Dragon -> Data -> WARGAME -> PC -> 430000587

What's next?

A radical reimagining of the deck structure. ATGM modifications. Larger price and availability rebalancing. Itano circus.

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Re: War in the East mod version 10 is out

Postby The W:AB Noob » Sun 23 Nov 2014 22:51

Xenon wrote:Since the old mod was made for Red Dragon patch 585, I've remade the mod from scratch...

Oh my gosh... you should wait at least for DLC 3
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Re: War in the East mod

Postby pok » Mon 24 Nov 2014 05:09

very cool ^^ good balance will try it

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