Stats Readjustment Mod(v10)

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Stats Readjustment Mod(v10)

Postby SpeisCheese » Sun 4 Jan 2015 14:50

After seeing many annoying things, like bad accuracy for Soviet tanks, or the poor AMX line needing some love, I decided to start a mod(a small one), to change the stats of some units, and rerolling units which really need some stats readjustment. This include accuracy, AP value, and more.
I just started this mod and it is still in Beta. If there are any bugs like too high range or accuracy(90% for example) please write it in the comments section. There are other more advanced mods which takes in consideration range and so on, but this means even more work, and I'm not capable to do this with my modding capabilities. I just started the 3rd December so you can already think that I won't know much about modding. But instead of talking, we should "wargame".
I also looked at all these readjustments in the RD forum. The first one I used for my first version is the "AMX Line Readjustment". Because I know Eugen won't modify these tank series, I thought, why not me? So here it is and I hope you enjoy ;) .
And please be sure if you try to start a multiplayer game that your comrades also have the same mod, if not, your friends will crash the second the round starts.


To install this mod please follow the instructions:
1.Go to your Wargame:RD folder located in Steam\SteamApps\common
2.Now go to Wargame Red Dragon\Data\WARGAME\PC\430000XXX(the X are the WRD update version, right now it is 598)
3.Rename the NDF-Win.dat in this folder differently. I call it NDF_Win.fat
4.Copy paste the downloaded file in the same directory

-Changed AMX10P HOT to HOT 2, the VAB Mephisto also got HOT 2 missiles. Accuracy buff to 60% because they aren't able to attack on the move like other choppers
-Nerfed the prize of the AMX30B2, buffed AP value to 16, nerfed avaibility to 12 for TRAINED
-Buffed the prize of the AMX32, can't fire on the move anymore
-Nerfed AMX30 Brennus prize, buffed AP to 19, prototyped, nerfed card avaibility to 1
-Buffed autocannon accuracy of all Rh202 and F1 autocannons
-Minor changes

Known bugs
-Jaguar 1 also got 60% accuracy even with its HOT 1 missiles. This will be changed for the next patch
-T55 series also got 60% accuracy, but I think I won't change this ;)

What's next?
I also want to change accuracy of Soviet and other Eastern countries and even AP values, prize buffs are also planned. If someone has other proposals, then write it down or PM me.

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