Horsman's Mod Shop V1.1

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Horsman's Mod Shop V1.1

Postby horsman » Sat 24 Jan 2015 20:32

So Ive decided to get my head out the sand and finally release something, I was going to wait till the full release of DLC 3 but since that's taking a millennia, I'm get right to it.

Mod one (cool name needed)
This mod Is as simple rebalanced one, Currently the UK, USSR, US, FR, Denmark and West Germany, Have received the most attention. There's availability changes, as well as Re-balances to price, Accuracy and dozens of other stats.
Spoiler : Mod one (cool name needed) :
General Changes:
Infantry Damage has been reduced to both bullets and HE inside buildings and forests, Both provide additional stealth.

All command infantry Availability increased to 6 with 2 cards available, Price Reduced to 80 points.
FOB supplies capacity increased to 25,000

Infantry rifles changed up ROF and Accuracy Inversely proportional.
Line infantry:
Famas: acc 25% hit role 2.6 seconds, shorter reload time 5seconds
L85: Acc 45% hit role 3 seconds, longer reload time 7 seconds
M16: Acc 30% hit role 3 seconds, standard reload time 6 seconds, more ammo per reload
Ak74: Acc 35% hit role 3 seconds, longer reload 7 seconds, more ammo per reload
G3A2: ACC 35% hit role 3.8 seconds, standard reload
L1A1: ACC 40% hit role 4 seconds, standard reload.

Trend continues with Shock and elite infantry.
Shock: fastest Hit role 2.2 seconds
Elite: fastest Hit role 2 seconds
This change decreases the damage output of elite troops meaning that line infantry is now line infantry and elite units are used for there advanced equipment they are equipped with but in low numbers 6,4 Per card, making them useful but micro intensive tools.

Infantry LAW's Ammo increases:
Light disposable: 8
Heavy disposable: 6
Re-loadable: 10

Availability redo's, some price changes overall allowing better recon vehicles to be more prevalent in a match.

Anti Air:
SPAAG's:all Availability increased
Anti Helo: range increase, maximum range to 4550M
Anti plane: range increase,
Patriot: 8400M, minimum range to 4200M (reduced to 1 per card, veteran)
Heavy SAM's: Range between 6000 and 7000M (reduced to 3 per card, 2 per card respectively)
Medium SAM's: Max range 5600M.
Artillery Availability of all decreased to 3 per card, Aim time increased to minimum of 40 seconds Max 60 seconds, Shell spread decreased and time between shells decreased.
Rocket artilery:
Light: availability to 3 trained
Heavy: 2 veteran
Aim time increased to 40 seconds.
Accuracy changes:
Max accuracy to 85% Stationary
70% On the move.
Tanks now have Minimum accuracy levels based on FCS.
E.G, Modern tanks with 85% accuracy stationary have minimum 45% accuracy even when panicked, this has been applied to most every tank with some exceptions which will be corrected, allowing tanks to remain somewhat effective even in panicked states.

Old Soviet tanks have received universal accuracy buffs to bring them into line with the Leo 1 series of tanks.
(Disclaimer T-62 Seriously over buffed now useful for more than cannon fodder)

Armour Values changes in progress.

Prototype Tanks (pre 90's) Availability to 8 Veteran.

Availability decreased usefulness increased (WIP)
Infantry transport redo's, general availability increases

Infantry transport redo's.

Fighters: Availability increased, Only planes other than rocket planes and severely outdated aircraft to come with multiple planes per card.
Bombers: Availability decreased to 1 per card at Trained, Number of cards increased, applies for Iron, Cluster and Napalm bombers.
Precision Guided bombs: Availability to 1 per card, hardened (Night Hawk 1 Veteran)
Rocket Planes: 2 per card, Veteran.
ATGM planes: 1 per card, veteran.
SEED: veterancy level directly proportional to quality of Seed missile, better quality higher veterancy but lower availability.

NAVAL: Yes i am going to touch this, and yes I'm going to waste time Balancing it out... Eventually.

Spoiler : National Completion Mod :
The idea behind this mod is to fully flush out the original 8 nations, with as many units be it proto's or not, in all timelines to get the most rounded nations.

But for this to work i need unit suggestions, and authentic plane load outs; So suggest units in the comments with stats and ill get round to adding them into the game.

United Kingdom:
United States:

Mod 1: (cool name needed)
http://www.mediafire.com/download/gh866 ... d_V1.1.rar

Mod 2: National completion mod
Download soon

I plan on constantly updating this mod till its a complete redo of the game, however this may take time due to PC issues resulting in weekly ritual's using Necromancy to resurrect the old gall.

Ill get a download up for the mod some time before the end of the month, but in the mean time if you have any suggestions be it for a cool name or in game changes feel free to post them.
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Re: Horsman's Mod Shop

Postby captain biggles » Sun 25 Jan 2015 02:13

Seems like a fair balance.
Britain doesn't need better SEAD - it has the Challenger 2 for that.
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Re: Horsman's Mod Shop V1.1

Postby tristanl » Fri 11 Sep 2015 19:11

can't wait for mod 2!

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