Patch 633 and what this means to modders

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Patch 633 and what this means to modders

Postby The W:AB Noob » Tue 10 Nov 2015 02:20

So Eugen released a new patch today, with very few changes. Annoying, but not that hard to fix.

All files in NDF_Win.dat (everything.ndfbin, globals.ndfbin, NOT ndfscripting.ndfbin): Copy whole file from 430000626 and paste in 430000633. Should be totally compatible. Remember to also make a backup of the original 633 NDF.

All files in ZZ_Win.dat (unites.dic, interface_outgame.dic, battlegroups.dic?): No changes needed. Should still work. Keep modding the same files.

ndfscripting.ndfbin: I really have no idea. Use the same process for NDF_Win.dat, and if it doesn't work then you might need to start over. At this point, I recommend using Power Crystal's modding tool, as there will probably be more patches in the far future.

Textures (.tgv/.dds) & Images & Movies (.wmv) & Fonts (.tff): No changes needed.
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Re: Patch 633 and what this means to modders

Postby vinz75 » Tue 10 Nov 2015 09:47

Thank you for the head up !

I'll backup my files before starting the game :)
Now let's see the list of official changes...


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