Noob's Tips and Tricks Part II

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Noob's Tips and Tricks Part II

Postby The W:AB Noob » Fri 13 Nov 2015 20:50

These are some more things I learned that might be helpful to the average modder who is not on the forums. Some of the information was not found out by me, but other people who told me.

Part 1: viewtopic.php?f=187&t=52514#p825821
Tutorials page: viewtopic.php?f=187&t=48493
Tools: viewtopic.php?f=187&t=42270#p528433
Great down-to-earth tool: ... li=1#gid=0

Spoiler : Lists: :
Country list in NDF_Win.dat
France: FR
West-Germany: RFA
Sweden: SWE
Canada: CAN (if you are setting a unit's MotherCountry to Canada, type unit_75 really quick and go down 1.)
Norway: NOR
Denmark: DAN
Japan: JAP
South Korea: ROK
Czechoslovakia: TCH
Poland: POL
East-Germany: RDA
China: CHI
North Korea: NK

Type list in NDF_Win.dat
Logistics: 3 (There is no way to filter only logistics without support coming up too)
Infantry: 6
Support: 13
Tank: 9
Recon: 10
Vehicle: 8
Helicopter: 11
Planes: 7
Naval: 12

Deck Spec Hashes:
Mechanized: 8BD43C9757360E00
Armored: 5C76718B57360E00
Marine: 23B8605ED9380000
Airborne: 0BB7685ED9380000
Motorized: 5E767965E3000000
Support: DAD77965E3000000

How to "spike" availability in decks:
Instead of changing the MaxDeployableAmount for all units, I suggest doing what I did in the Sandbox Mod: giving certain decks an availability bonus. To do this, go the TShowRoomDeckRuleManager, and go to each of the ModifiersForAllance (Bluefor/Redfor). In the Availability row, add a Collection of 9 Map values (Look at other TDeckRulesModifier instances for reference). Note that this collection looks similar to what you saw for editing deck slots, as the unit categories are the same. But for the second number, this is the percentage that you are adding too 100%. For example, if you put 25, 25% + 100% = 125%. 9900% + 100% = 10000%. There is no way to subtract percentages right now. Of course, you can tweak certain units in TUniteAuSolDescriptor.

I modded coalition instead of faction, but you only have to do factions twice. You can also do this for Cat, Spec, and National decks.

How to change a unit's spec decks:
Go to TUnite > UnitTypeTokens, and you will see a number of LocalizationHashes. Copy/Paste them into interface_outgame.dic (587>609 right now?) to find out what they correspond to. Delete/add/edit rows. This will change what decks it is available to in the unit information card and deck, but not for the filters in the armory. For that, go to TUnite>Modules>TypeUnit>Default>Labels? and you will see a lot of other "Collections". Copy and paste them into interface_outgame.dic.

All that morale stuff:
Besides suppression effects you can mod in weapons, you can also change the effects it has on the unites themselves. In fact, every unit has the same module right now. Except, I just forgot how to do that, let me get back home and check back. (I think it's in GroupeCombat)

How to start texturing:
The textuing tutorial shows how to get started on Gimp, so I will show Photoshop:
Either have Photoshop or download CS2 free. Then download the Nividia Texture Tools plugin. Open ZZ_3.dat where the textures are with the modding suite (most units are in 430000210, but ones that came in DLC's came in other folders. Just look for ZZ_3's that are not 8KB), set the export destination if you haven't already, click once on the row of the unit you want to mod (look for the biggest sized file) so that is blue, and use the Texture Export button. Open the .dds with Photoshop, and to import in the game, save in DXT5 interpolated alpha, no MipMaps, 2d Texture, then in the Modding suite, select the correct file, click Texture then replace, and start the game. Don't forget to make a backup of the ZZ_3.dat files.

Camera Modding:
naizarak wrote:Ok let's see:

1. You want to start with the basecamera.ndfbin file. Most of the significant changes are in the TIngameCameraMoverAltitudeInfo class.

2. In that entire list of instances, the ones that relate to default free camera movement are instances 16-22.

3. As you can see, there are a lot of parameters for every instance. Some are self-explanatory, like "VitesseHorizontalRotationDegPerSec", which I believe controls how quickly the camera pivots. Others are obscure and the only way to find out what they do is through pure trial and error. Make a change, load the game, see if it does anything, and go from there.

4. In my mod, the parameters I changed were
a) AltitudeInMeter for instance 16. I changed it from the default "6", to "0.75", which allows the camera to be lowered flat along the ground
b) SiteMax and SiteMin. These control the tile angle of the camera. I set it to +-89.9 for all instances to allow vertical camera placement
c) SitePickRotationHorizontal - this controls the pivot angle of the camera. "90" will hold the camera fixed along its axis when panning.
d) FrontClipping - this sets the limit to how close the camera can get to a unit before clipping through it. This allows the camera to be place point-blank next to units and jets without them disappearing. Extremely low values for certain instances will lead to graphical glitches, so I'd recommend using my settings.

These parameters account for the majority of changes in the mod. If you want to figure out the shortcuts, you'll have to go to the "TInGameCameraMoverKeyboardTranslation" class. There you'll find 3 instances with varying combinations of Forward/BackWard/Rightward power, along with Ctrl/Shift down values. Basically there are 3 presets, each one distinguished by keyboard combinations. You can add ctrl/shift boolean values to null fields by selecting the field, and clicking on "Add Property Value" in the top right corner of the mod suite.

For example, in my mod, instance 2 is vanilla and unchanged(i think). Instance 3 sets forward/backward/rightward power to null, and makes upward power .25, with upwardctrldown enabled. So in game, when the user holds "ctrl", vertical camera movement is hit with a 0.25 multiplier, which makes it slower and easier to control. A similar idea is used in instance 4, except this time the "shift" keys are enabled and forward/downard/rightward power is set to 0.35. When the user holds shift, planar movement is reduced to 35% for enhanced control. Note that setting the multiplier too low will cause the camera to freeze and not move at all.

Finally for the F9 hotkeys, you'll need to open the keyboardshortcutsfinal.ndfbin file, and open the tkeymapping class. There are 3 instances, with each one representing a different game function. Instance 4 will render a game screenshot with hud enabled, instance 5 will render a screenshot with no hud, and instance 6 displays an FPS metric. As with the camera keys, you want to set different combinations of alt/shift/ctrl hotkeys for difference instances to enable them.

Ultimately I'd advise you to open my modded file side-by-side with a vanilla file and look for the differences, this should make it easier to understand how everything works

Income rate:
gdconstantesoriginalndfbin. Look for a colletion that has 0, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140. This is in percents, so 140 is 140% aka +40%

More than 9 deck slots possible:

Infantry squad size:

New Localization Hashes:
You can't. However, you can use some unused ones, many of which you will find by searching "deprec" in the search bar.

Unit Card Save Format:
.dds DXT1 no alpha

More coming later... (imminently)
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Re: Noob's Tips and Tricks Part II

Postby MenDuck » Fri 13 Nov 2015 22:13

Good job in compiling it all here, W:AB Noob. MOD, STICK IT ASAP

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Re: Noob's Tips and Tricks Part II

Postby Darkmil » Sat 14 Nov 2015 05:29

MenDuck wrote:Good job in compiling it all here, W:AB Noob. MOD, STICK IT ASAP

As soon as I have time I'll put it in the tutorial compilation.

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