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Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Wed 16 Dec 2015 17:19
by foxdie
Hello, I'm in the process of creating an offline unit database for all units and was hoping to collaborate with someone experienced in using and navigating the ingame data, with the goal of exporting the data into my online table:
(final structure will need additional columns for example deck type etc)

I have used the various tools available to view the data available but have found no way of exporting, and lack the knowledge on relationships of fields not commonly commented about online.

The dev site is currently hosted here fyi:
I intend to have this finished in the next month.

Many thanks,

(i hope this isn't breaking any game t&c's - it'll be purely non-profit)

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 01:03
by The W:AB Noob
Well there are a few things to consider here:

First, it is possible for someone with coding knowledge and time to make a tool based off the Modding Suite. roger303's Battle Group Manager is the best example of this. However, note that numbers you see in the files are totally different from what you see in the armory. For example, weapon ranges are the number in the files divided by 74.285714285714285714285714285714. Speed is the number in the files divided by 55 IIRC. And I'm guessing that number's only for land units.

Not only numbers, but "grades" such as medium, poor, and exceptional are not texts in the files, but the assessment of many different values. Now I think I've seen the grading scale somewhere in everything.ndfbin, but I don't remember this exactly.

There is a better way of doing this IMO. There is an online database both in the Eugen forums and the Wargame Red Dragon wiki. Neither is very complete or updated, but might be able to extract the files and somehow use them to put it into your database. Comparing stats is easier than putting in stats.

But if you are confident that you can code an exporter tool yourself, and just need to know where the number are, I'll be happy to help. Just note that I'm not an expert at unit modding, better modders include Narc Black, COMThing, Darkmil, Soundwolf, Iris, Hob_Gadlin, AJE, and many others. Pyro and Spectre are also active on the forums.

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 01:46
by ShanRevan
You can use Power Crystal's tools to dump pretty much everything into either .xml or .csv files. The big difficulty is understanding the very complicated structure and how it all links together - albeit a fair bit can mostly be ignored (ie you probably don't need to know the flight parameters of a missile that determine its manoeuvrability, speed, deviation rates etc, just its basic stats).

As mentioned most strings displayed in the interface use keys in the files which are linked to the libraries for diffrent languges and a lot of the actual numbers used by the engine appear vastly different than those used in the stat cards, although converting them is pretty straight forward most of the time. You do have to be careful because they can have different scales for different unit classes. For example infantry and vehicles have different speed rates (ie a 35km vehicle and 35km infantry will not move at the same rate, I believe helos and ships also have their own thing going on but I haven't personally confirmed).

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 10:10
by foxdie
Thanks for the replies.

I'm not confident I can code an export tool, i'm a amateur front end developer so have very little experience with anything backend, especially outside php.

But generally what im after is tool that exports the data with the field relationships and calculations pre-programmed, if all that is done it shouldn't be much more to convert the results to text "medium"/"very good" etc - although i suspect this must already exist somewhere in the files as i doubt its calculated on the fly on the unit screens ingame.

The alternative is to just interpret raw data on the front end, but with so many rows and potential users it would completely unsuitable for obvious reason.

But you are right, i don't need complex data on weapons ballistics and height above ground etc, just the top level unit data visible to user ingame, still thats 20-30 rows that need calculating.

My last resort is to spend an additional week or so doing data entry and recreating the data (helpers could speed this up as anyone with eyes and a keyboard could help, (~300 units (?), 10 people only need to create 30 units each, which is about 3 hours work)). But of course the ideal situation to avoid error and simplify the patching update process to to use a export tool.

That said, i suspect patches in the future to become a little more infrequent, adding value to the recreation method.

If anyone is reading that can help either with creating the tool, or doing the data entry, please pm

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 11:31
by Hob_Gadling
Something like this, then?

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 12:48
by foxdie
Thank you. Hopefully I can recreate the data from what you've provided using the various online guides now.

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 14:49
by The W:AB Noob
Hob_Gadling wrote:Something like this, then?

I was talking to Pyro last night, and from what I could tell, he made a very similar thing in Excel. I think I remember he added some other things to, but you should ask him.

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 14:57
by foxdie
I've looked at the data kindly supplied above and unfortunately its missing too much information, data being called from other tables isn't displayed. If anyone has another spreadsheet i'd love to see it.

Also once we can create a single mega table there's no reason everyone could't use it for their own projects.

Data export: Calling all modders / scripters / devs

Posted: Thu 24 Dec 2015 13:49
by foxdie
Okay so the front end is now almost complete, and hosted at its permanent home:

I just need the database. Im now committed to seeing through to completion as a personal project. Unfortunately its clear im completely out of my depth and skillset trying to pull the data out of these ndf files, and as it'll take me about 20 weeks to recreate the data - time of which i value; i've decided that if anyone can create a dump of the files into my database schema without too much editing my end, i'll pay £150 GBP via paypal (or any other chosen method/eVoucher) to first person to deliver a working file I can import.

I'm still finalising the columns in the final db and it may evolve over time so will need continued support in the short term, but anyone interested in taking up the challenge can pm me to understand the logic behind table setup, although its quite self-explanatory. ... e.csv?dl=0

Re: Request: RD Data Export

Posted: Thu 24 Dec 2015 17:09
by Darkmil
That's a really nice website you made. Yet the list is a bit messy (but it seems we have a all the tool we need to have something perfectly clear in the end)