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News Report

Postby The W:AB Noob » Thu 7 Jan 2016 03:36

Some great discoveries are happening here in the Wargame world, and for people who are not aware, I'll summarize here:

Both the Ash and Shadows and All Out War mods have made steps to try and make improvements to the AI. I used to think AI could only be modded using the AiStratModule in TUnite, but it turns out that there are a ton of classes in everything.ndfbin (Class #327-348). However, there is still a ton of things to explore here.

Pyro and I found some meanings in components.ndfbin, so it is now possible for me to make the coalition flags able to be called by text format scripts (hashtags codes). I might be working on that later, because I'm busy on my current mod, and maybe adjusting the AI for Sandbox. We also found some other things in 210's ZZ_4 such as icons for an FX and map editor and ranks of players for ranked games. Over in Act of Aggression (which uses the same engine), McNash found how change the RGBA hex color codes and foen found how to hugely mod the user interface. Apparently, he somehow extracts game information from the computer's memory and uses a process called hooking to overlap his new interface on top of the game screen. To be honest, I barely know how this all works, but as this is a new method of modding the UI outside of the Wargame Modding Suite, it opens up huge doors.

XML Patcher:
powercrystals has arrived! That's all for now, but it is fantastic news, as he is the developer of the XML Patcher Tool.
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Re: News Report

Postby Narcissistic Black » Thu 7 Jan 2016 03:54


Seriously though good researching.
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Re: News Report

Postby Spectre_nz » Thu 7 Jan 2016 06:15

I can report that we've reached the dizzying heights of AI's being able to emulate human player actions such as 'forgot to buy any air units' and 'lol, why do I need recon' or the astonishingly realistic human behaviors, "I'm going to run my CV away because my team-mate sucks" and ''I'm going to spend 500 points at the start on supply trucks and keep them back at spawn the whole game'

It is quite possible the A&S AI plays badly out of genuine synthetic spite.

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Re: News Report

Postby General Mig » Fri 8 Jan 2016 15:18

wow nice find can't wait to try it out with my decks

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