Stabilisation Question

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Stabilisation Question

Postby Militant1006 » Sat 30 Jan 2016 09:21

G'day, it's been a while since I posted here, but I have some renewed passion to get a mod done, after the new maps have been released.

I've run into a concern however, the context is that I want to be able to push tank gun ranges out to 3150m ingame, however I am not sure how stabilisation interacts with accuracy anymore. Is the stabilisation value a percentage of accuracy itself, or is it just accuracy when the vehicle is moving?

For example, if stabilisation was say, 50%, and the accuracy was 30% at 2100m, would the chance to hit be 15%, or 50% at that distance?

The former example makes more sense to me personally as otherwise the gap between accuracy while stationary and on the move decreases in percentage dramatically, or even makes it possible to be more accurate on the move than otherwise, but the latter example seems to be the case ingame.

The problem is that if I wanted to, for example, have values at 2100m being the balancing point and extrapolating off to 3150m, I would have issues. I might want to give a Centurion an accuracy of about 40% at 2100m and have only 25% of the accuracy in stabilisation, which could be put at 10% if it works the same as stationary hit probability. However if I want to extrapolate the range to 3150m, the Centurion would have an accuracy while stationary of 10%, which there is then no quarter value for. Furthermore, if a Chieftain had an accuracy of 50% at 2100m for example and I wanted stabilisation accuracy to be half of stationary accuracy, it would have an accuracy of 20% at 3150m and 10% in stabilisers. If this scale the same as stationary accuracy, it would then be 50% at 2100m stationary and 40% moving accuracy, which is way too high.

Thanks for any help,


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Re: Stabilisation Question

Postby Spectre_nz » Sat 30 Jan 2016 09:40

My assumption so far, and, I may just be plain wrong, was that the two numbers are just the basic Chance to hit while stationary (no need for a stabilizer), and the chance to hit while moving (ie, a stabilizer).

So 60%, 40% means a base of 60% stopped, that becomes 40% if the unit moves.

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Re: Stabilisation Question

Postby The W:AB Noob » Sat 30 Jan 2016 16:47

Soundwolf is pretty knowledgeable in the field of gameplay mechanics, but there's what I know:

The HitRoll reference in TAmmunition has 2 important numbers, accuracy and accuracy while moving. This is the accuracy at maximum range. Now there is a value somewhere (IIRC, gdconstantesoriginal) that says at minimum range the accuracy is 4x the accuracy for the maximum range for all weapons. I assume that it progresses too, so if a unit is shooting at something 2/3(maxRange - minRange), the accuracy would be doubled.

As you probably know, size, ECM, and hitroll intervals for missiles also have an effect on accuracy.
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