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Unuesd Units?

Posted: Thu 18 Feb 2016 18:21
by General Mig
i seem to remeber a while ago thet someone said that they found some unused units or something. i think one was called an Mi-42 and another was called Green jackets 85. if anyone has any info on these please let me know

Re: Unuesd Units?

Posted: Thu 18 Feb 2016 18:39
by Spectre_nz
Sure. There's about 20 of them.

The easiest way to find them in the mod tools is to use the filter and search by production year, with the value set to 'null'

Since all the Depreciated units have no production year set.

There's the Green-jacket 85 you mentioned, the Mi-40 that never made it into the game, two Chinese tanks, a Japanese command tank, Japanese JSDF rangers 90, a Trabant with 100hp, about three out of date infantry types for both the USSR and USA (all with grenades!) the missing US ATGM team and a bunch of others I've forgotten.

Aside from two, they're all usable if you add in the correct filters to their unit module, give them a year and set their 'appear in the menu' option to true.

The two that won't work (as of the last few patches) are the army tomcat in the US air tab, and the Hemit E3 that appeared in the US armor tab. The Army tomcat *may* have been altered with the latest patch, since there is now a new tomcat in the game. I haven't actually looked at the latest file to see if they put in a whole new unit or fixed the old army tomcat instance.

Re: Unuesd Units?

Posted: Thu 18 Feb 2016 18:50
by General Mig
hmmm none of the units seem to be in the armory. are you sure all you need to do is put a production year and set them to appear in the menu?