Campaigns Revisited (for testing before beta)

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Campaigns Revisited (for testing before beta)

Postby Zomba69 » Thu 25 Feb 2016 21:57


Here are some revisited campaigns I did before last map patches. It seems it works now with latest patch, so why not to share it, because they may be fun.

If anyone will try, let me know if it works.

Spoiler : :
In each campaign player gets much more units and its variety. Computer gets 3 times more.

Besides the units, things that are increased are moral, coherency and in some cases action points and fighting type. BGs are much bigger and each has CV and some AA protection (especially computer). Computer gets more CVs and higher veterancy. All of this (and many other changes that I can’t recall anymore) should make computer BGs last much longer and you can try different ways to completely destroy them all.

Also, you get to play NATO and PACT units together in some of campaigns.

Bugs, of course – either I missed some things either I did not know how to change. (Sometimes a crash may happen, but when you reload it will work fine; if not and if crash repeats, you will have to start from beginning – let me know if this happens. Be sure to face some bugs – for example once when you disembark BG it will get same nation flag as in original).

I did not change much of the BG names, descriptions, pawns and any of introduction text, so you should use your imagination, but this is what I had in mind:

Busan Pocket 92 – North Korea attacks South Korea and USA, Canada and ANZAC are immediately here to help.

Last Tito Stand (Bear vs Dragon) 82 – in 70s USSR invaded Yugoslavia (played by CZ) and captured most of the territory, but not mountains of Bosnia and south Dalmatia. In 1982 it is time to strike back. Yugoslav forces decided to try to liberate Montenegro with small support from NATO. USSR and new ally Albania (played by China) strikes back.

CZ was most logical choice to represent Yugoslavia which had a lot of domestic equipment including planes (here represented by CZ and some Chinese old models) as well as some old Western equipment. PS: for this campaign I did quite some research to represent Yugoslavia as possible with units available; this is the most difficult campaign.

Pearl of Orient 92 – besides Commonwealth machine, there are USA and France air forces to help you repel Chinese attack. Use your latest equipment to beat numerous enemies.

Dalmatia In My Heart 92 (CMN) – last Tito stand did not make much changes and Yugoslavia (played by CZ) finally made pact with USSR in 80s. Now, together they will try to fight out NATO forces (UK, FR, CAN and ANZAC) that made South Dalmatia their last fortress in Adriatic.

War in Scandinavia 92 (2KW) – USSR captured half of Norway and Sweden in 80s and they will try to get it all. Scandinavian countries, Germany, Poland (majority of the forces took NATO side), UK, France, USA, Canada and ANZAC will try to repeal attack and liberate peninsula. (Unlike in original, UK/FR naval and marine forces come from the East and USA from the West. Also, the first USSR attack is with high end units, when you get to attack you will face reserve units, but again USSR reinforcements are made out of their best equipment).

Copy/paste NDF_win.dat in WARGAME\PC\510012575
Copy/paste ZZ_win in WARGAME\PC\430000587\430000609 ... paigns.rar

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Re: Campaigns Revisited (for testing before beta)

Postby mman69 » Sat 1 Apr 2017 00:44

Hi any idea how to get this to work with the current build i pasted it where you say but the campaigns dont change ?
Really wanted to try your revised campaigns .

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Re: Campaigns Revisited (for testing before beta)

Postby mealteamsix » Fri 7 Apr 2017 04:19

Yeah i had the same problem i think. No changes in the campaigns. When i put both files in it asked if I wanted to replace the similar one and I said yes. The should have gone into a folder with a lot more stuff like 3v3 and such right?

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Re: Campaigns Revisited (for testing before beta)

Postby thatAC130 » Sat 15 Apr 2017 05:50

Is there any way you could post an update for this mod? seems like a new patch that was released a few days ago broke the mod...

This mod is fun as hell to play with, with all the good ol scandinavian scenarios.
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