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Re: Wargame: Airland Dragon

Postby Sireyn » Tue 11 Jun 2019 11:30

New version released. Here is a non-exhaustive list of changes.

(All) Nearly all issues in the Bug/Inconsistency Thread addressed (https://forums.eugensystems.com/viewtopic.php?f=155&t=58396)
(All) Sniper effects split from rockets; Snipers have a single shot sound effect and no tracer
(All) Command tank availability adjusted according to top armor : 0/0/4/3/0, 0/0/3/2/0, 0/0/2/0/1 (1-2, 3, 4 top armor)
(All) BM-21 and RM-70 all exclusively have HE and Smoke ammo
(All) BM-27 has only HE ammo
(All) A couple Scandinavian nations had their infantry excluded from naval deployment; this is fixed
(All) DM23 had its AP reduced from 23 to 22; affected vehicles include high end Leopard 2s, Merkava IIID, and Type 90
(All) Base utility transport helicopters had their availability standardized to 2 cards (Mi-8T, CH-47, etc)
(All) Mi-24 transports had their availability reduced to one card
(All) Mig-21 and F-104 Starfighter standardized to 1000km/h speed and 500m turn radius

(USA) MH-6 recon transport availability fixed to 0/0/0/4/3
(USA) M113 ACAV was accidentally omitted from the Cav Scout's transport list; this is fixed
(USA) US Airborne removed from Mechanized and Armored decks
(USA) Light Riflemen given M35 truck transports
(USA) M35 truck removed from armored and mechanized decks
(UK) Ghurkas price reduced to 25 points
(Sweden) J 35F Draken rearmed with two Rb 24J and twelve 135mm rockets; Renamed J 35F2 Draken
(Sweden) J 35J Draken rearmed with two Rb 27 and four Rb 24J
(Israel) Lavi intro date changed to 1992
(Israel) Added HE shells for HVMS
(Israel) AMX-13 Nimda availability fixed to 0/12/8/0/0
(Israel) Machbet sound effect fixed; it had a machine gun sound when the camera was far away
(Japan) Syoujyu-Buntai '90 given PzF 3
(Japan) Syoujyu-Buntai given the same transport options as the '90 version
(Japan) F-15J rearmed with AIM-9L instead of AIM-9M
(South Korea) UDT/SEAL team rearmed with K1 assault rifle, K3 LMG, and date set to 1991
(South Korea) Teukjeonsa had their Minimi replaced with M60 "Shorty"
(Norway) CMD M48 replaced with a CMD Leopard 1NO

(USSR) BTR-60PB and BTR-70 added to Motostrelki '90
(USSR) BM-30 date set to 1996 so it can retain cluster munitions
(USSR) Gornostrelki were rerolled into PZRK Metys; These are fire support teams attached to BTR regiments carrying Metys and PKM
(USSR) Sapery '85 were converted into a '90 unit and given RPO-A with thermobaric and smoke rounds; range is 700m
(USSR) MANPAD and ATGM teams given access to BMP-1/2 transports
(USSR) KA-50 intro date changed to 1995
(East Germany) Mig-23BN bomb load reduced to 4 and position corrected
(East Germany) BM-24 removed
(East Germany) Fla-Kom OSA removed
(East Germany) Fla-SFL 2S6, TOR, BM-27, SFL-Hb 2S19, and T-90S dates adjusted to post 1991
(East Germany) MANPAD and ATGM teams given access to BMP-1/2 transports
(Poland) BM-24 removed
(Poland) Su-7B removed; they apparently did not operate it and the loadout is obsoleted by the Su-7BM
(Finland) J 35S given its twin Aden cannons and replaced Rb 27's with six 500kg napalm bombs; Renamed J 35XS
(Finland) J 35F removed
(Finland) J 35FS rearmed with two AIM-9P-3 and twelve 135mm rockets
(Finland) Charioteer frontal armor reduced to 3 instead of 5
(Finland) 55 S 55 Raika AP reduced to 15 and accuracy to 35%
(Finland) Rannikkojaakari rearmed with 66 KES 75
(Finland) Panssarijaakari and Rannikkojaakari price reduced by 5 points
(China) HQ-61A had its missile models fixed; they now appear as AIM-7s
(China) J-8C intro date changed to 1993
(China) WZ-551 intro date changed to 1995

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