Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

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Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby Zomba69 » Mon 3 Oct 2016 21:21

I will write this as huge fan of Eugen dynamic campaigns (both in ALB and RD) that spent many hours enjoying the gameplay. My guess is that most of the players love this game because of MP, but maybe there are some people here who like campaigns as well. Furthermore, some nations are not present in campaigns (Scandinavians, Dutch, Israel (tomorrow yeah!) and Yugoslavia and Finland in distance future) and it would be cool to try play with/against them as well.

So, if Eugen ever decides to make new campaign(s) (as they promised when game was announced, but ok) what conflicts in alternative history of cold war in RD would you like to play?

Unfortunately, whenever campaign topic appears on the forum, evil Mad Mat said “we do not have such plans at the moment”, so we may need better question.

Luckily, there is great modding part of the community and nowadays we can change many things in the campaigns. It is possible to completely redo composition of battlegroups in the campaign, increase number and type of units, ratio player vs AI, change victory conditions and time of battles, help AI to become more serious opponent, change names, descriptions and nationality of divisions, battlegroups, units, messages and maps in campaign, make BLUEFOR and REDFOR to play together, even introduce new nations.

Unfortunately, what cannot be changed are strategic maps of the campaigns, so Korea will always look like Korea and Japan as Japan. What is left for me is some imagination and google maps to see are there similar parts of the world. So I could imagine 2nd Korean War as map of Scandinavia and make Great Scandinavian War. Or imagine Busan as Finnland. On the strategic map, there will still be East Sea instead of Baltic Sea, but in the campaign you are defending Finland from Soviet invasion in 1979. Basically, you play existing maps, but in your had imagine something like this:

Spoiler : :
WALB_Campaign_Dev_1.jpg (20.31 KiB) Viewed 1811 times

Of course, there is always option to mod existing story or move it in time with unit composition, but that leaves out new nations, because they do not fit much the story (Israel in Japan??).

So, new question is – if you can play new campaign on existing strategic maps, which conflict from alternative (or real) cold war history would you like to play? I have some ideas here, but if anyone was thinking or dreaming of new campaigns, I would certainly like to hear. I already saw some idea for Zombie or Brexit scenario, so what would be your idea?

Here are some from me:

Israel/Dragon campaigns (after Israel DLC)

Spoiler : :
Alternate Yom Kippur War 1977 (Busan Pocket)

player: Israel, computer: Syria (maybe Jordan), ratio 1:6

Simulation of real conflicts, but it happened few years later as surprise attack on north of Israel. Israel sends marine units to the north to cut the attack route. Opponents have units that exist in RD. Israel will also get older equipment and several captured ussr made weapons. Israel of course do not have aircraft carrier, but command ship that can call in air support from mainland. Computer is high on moral and cohesion, player is low on cohesion and action points; in that way is crippled in first few turns.

1992 Lebanon war (Bear vs Dragon, upside-down map)

player: Israel, computer: Syria (maybe Jordan), ratio 1:5

Israel attack on Lebanon and Syria. Player gets modern Israel army, but computer is high on morale, cohesion and in numbers. Lot of killing of AI.

1992 Second Suez Crisis (Pearl of Orient)

player: modern Egypt, Syria (maybe Jordan) computer: Israel, UK, France, ratio 1:3

This is chance to play against Israel in campaign with both NATO and PACT equipment, Egypt has a bit of both. Israel attacks Sinai Peninsula and Suez channel. UK and France supports attack with special units and few ships. Egypt does not have carrier, but older ships and helicopter units. Computer is on high moral and very high in veterancy – you will have to fight veteran and elite Israel units. And they get few Patriots, too.

1992 Fall of Japan (CMN)

player: China, NK, some USSR equipment, computer: Japan, US, Canada, ANZAC, UK, France, Netherlands, ROK, ratio 1:4 or more

This is same scenario, but instead of USSR, China invades Japan. Both sides are high on moral, cohesion, action points and veterancy.
Player: modern China army, but also huge numbers of older equipment and infantry with some modern pieces of equipment bought from USSR. China introduces its first carrier Varyag, but it has only one. The rest of the Chinese fleet consists of battle ships, hello and marine units.
Computer: UK and USA present on the map from the beginning. Some ground forces battle groups turned into Harriers. BGs with Harriers are not assigned to airports. Some BGs have airplanes attached to it. Few BGs consist of special recon units and strategic plane support (F-117, F-111).

2nd Korean War Revisited 1992

player: ROK, US, JAP, ANZAC, CANADA, UK, FRA, Netherlands, West Germany; computer: USSR, China, NK, maybe some captured western equipment; ratio 1:6

This is same scenario as original, but is massive attack on Korea. Both player and computer get completely new composition of the forces.
Player: US is present from the beginning on the ground. ROK gets BG with T – 80s. Harriers can land anywhere. Some French planes turn into hello BGs. Some of the BGs are in the form of large and diverse formations and some are small and specialized spec ops. Some of BGs are low on moral/cohesion, but few BGs have exceptional moral/cohesion and can bring lot of starting points into battle. Few BGs have its own air tab. At least half of players BGs CANNOT REFIT (what is lost is lost forever).
Computer: few BGs have exceptional moral/cohesion and can bring lot of starting points into battle. Some BGs have its own air tab. Computer first wave consist on BGs high on moral/cohesion/veterancy. BGs defending Pjongjang are average and some elite. Second wave of computer BGs is in huge number with elite BGs and with even more reserve units. Computer navy is high in numbers, especially with small ships not visible for missiles.

Yugoslavia campaigns

Spoiler : :
Battle for Trieste (Seoul) and Pula (Busan), sometime 1975 – 1980
player: YU, UK, FR; computer: USSR
Surprise USSR attack on Yugoslavia and north Italy. Yugoslavia tries to defend port of Pula while UK, FR and YU marine tries to cut attack through Trieste.

Battle for Montenegro (Bear), 1980
player: YU, UK, FR computer: USSR, Albania
USSR conquered most of the Yugoslavia, but not Herzegovina and south Dalmatia. It is time for Tito forces to strike back and capture Kotor Bay and rest of Montenegro. USSR forces are stunned, but Soviet back up is coming, together with new ally Albania. Yugoslavia (player) forces are high on moral, but have less effective equipment. Some UK and FR troops will assist YU.

Battle for Dalmatia (Pearl), 1990

player: UK, FR, W. Germany, Netherlands, USA, YU; computer: Yugoslavia
Things have changes since 1980 and Yugoslavia made deal with USSR and became Soviet hardliner. However, some of the forces decided to continue fight for independence and held positions in south with significant support of NATO forces who decided to defend Italy from there. Red Yugoslavia launched huge attack on that region, but maybe they will regret?

Adriatic Islands (CMN), 1992
player: YU; computer: NATO and some YU
Red Yugoslavia cleaned most of the Adriatic coast after 2 years of fighting. Only few islands are left to clean from NATO and rebel YU forces and it is time to clean them up. Yugoslavia does not have any aircraft carriers, only battle ships, marine and hello units. The battle happens on small area so battle groups are not large. Moreover, both sides have limited tactical air support, able to land on small airfields, but with very limited range (5 action points, same as hello).

Thessaloniki Frontier 1995 (2KW)
player: YU, Albania, Greece, NATO; computer: USSR, some YU, Bulgaria, Poland, East Germany, CZ
This is final battle for Yugoslavia. USSR and Red YU conquered most of the country and launched further attack on Albania and Greece. Remaining YU and NATO forces are ready for counter attack.

Great Scandinavian War (after Finland DLC)

Spoiler : :
Attack on Finland 1980 (Busan)
Player: Finland; computer: USSR
USSR invasion on Finland (of course no carrier for Finland, just marines)

Push in Sweden 1983 (Bear)
Player: USSR, Finland, Poland, E. Germany, CZ; computer: SWE, DK, NOW, Finland
USSR continue invasion to north of Sweden

Second War for Finland 1988 (Pearl)
Player: USSR, Finland, East Germany, Poland, CZ; computer: SWE, DAN, NOR, Finland, NATO
Counteroffensive of Scandinavian forces with NATO support. USSR forces in Finland are cut from the north and route to St. Petersburg is blocked, but there is still Baltic Fleet.

Battle for Northern Pole 1990 (CMN)
Not sure where to go with this one (islands?). Or maybe just Liberation of Japan from USSR?

Great Scandinavian War 1995 (2KW)
Player: SWE, NOR, DAN, some Finland and Poland, US, UK, FR, W. Germany, Netherlands, CAN, ANZAC; computer: USSR, Finland, Poland, E. Germany, CZ, some China equipment
USSR tries to capture rest of Scandinavia, player tries to defend and counter attack. In this campaign UK/FR marines are on the East and US comes from the West!

I may implement some of ideas when new DLCs become stable (every patch is additional work) for my personal fun, but if there is any interest I will post them in modding section. If anyone wants to help with proposal for realistic composition of forces let me know, too.

Thank you for not hating.

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby Guggy » Mon 3 Oct 2016 21:54

I'm sure that most of these are doable on our end, its just never been attempted. Our meaning Modders, of course.

Stuff like renaming sectors etc shouldnt be undoable.

We should consider a joint community campaign mod. Not sure which would be easiest to do though...

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby The W:AB Noob » Tue 4 Oct 2016 07:44

I really like idea of the Scandinavian campaigns. Playing with Israeli units would be awesome too but they're just so far away from everybody else that it's hard to know what kind of campaign to make.
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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby Butterless Toast » Tue 4 Oct 2016 17:33

I do a lot of messing around with the BGM, and your ideas seem fun. Watch this space, I think I'll have at least a proof of concept build done by the end of this week.

It's the kind of thing I've tried before, and it's a fun exercise to keep me busy.

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby Breo77 » Wed 5 Oct 2016 14:42

We really need more campaigns....

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby daniel1983 » Wed 5 Oct 2016 19:26

Guys we need to fight (PR) with Eugen to create DLC Campaign for $ if they do MP DLC. I`d love mods Guggy great work with 2KW. WG Airland battle could be good remake with RD engine. It`s good plan for EUGEN to create DLc AIRLAND BATTLE

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby Woozle » Thu 6 Oct 2016 00:41

This is a really neat idea and I'd love to see it take off, unortunetly I don't have any of the skills required to do such a thing myself.

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby daniel1983 » Wed 19 Oct 2016 12:56

Zomba69 are You working on some porject - new mod ? with new patch support?

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby Zomba69 » Fri 21 Oct 2016 14:45

I haven't started yet due to other obligations. Maybe in a week or so...

Btw, any idea how to find names of infantry units in Syria and Egypt? No luck with google searches...

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Re: Ideas for new campaigns with DLC nations

Postby molnibalage » Fri 21 Oct 2016 14:58

Camapaign wit only AI are pointless because AI is dumb.

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