Question Regarding Changing/Editing the Skybox

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Question Regarding Changing/Editing the Skybox

Postby Solutions » Wed 1 Feb 2017 01:11


So I've been wondering for quite some time now, is it at all possible to edit/change the Skybox of different maps in Wargame? (Both the Skybox that appears at low altitude (some sort of picture of the sky) and the one that appears at high camera altitude (jet black background).) And if it is possible, how would one go about making the change? I've been searching around the forum for any info regarding this, but can't seem to find any.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Question Regarding Changing/Editing the Skybox

Postby The W:AB Noob » Wed 1 Feb 2017 04:50

Yeah, I don't think anyone posted about the skyboxes before, but thanks for looking before asking. I think I tried looking for them once slightly? They might be in (look at the one in 210).
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