We CAN export models from RD (no import)

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Re: We CAN export models from RD (no import)

Postby Scheintot887 » Mon 26 Feb 2018 15:21

I think it is not even officially allowed to export them anyway so re-importing them in Wargame or a different game is strictly forbidden (usually).
Exception is a clear "YES" by Eugen/ Paradox.

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Re: We CAN export models from RD (no import)

Postby Archduke_Franz_WGRD » Sat 7 Apr 2018 01:10

Hi! I’m having some difficulties on getting the model and texture files to cooperate in Blender. These are the steps I’ve taken: [1] Delete the default cube [2] File, Import, Ninja Ripper [2] Import RIP Mesh_0289.rip [3] The model is “floating” above the axis plane. If this is a problem how to I fix it so that the model rests on the axis plane. Also, the model appears to be too big so the Clip setting under Transform [N Key] has to be adjusted [End Value: 4000]. [4] Using your screenshots as hints, I changed the Blender engine setting from Blender Render to Cycles Render. [5] From here I went to the Material setting on the left side, clicked Use Nodes under Surface, change Surface setting from Diffuse BSDF to Emission, Changed Color to Image Texture, clicked the open button, selected .png texture file [exported texture using modding suite and converted from .dds to .png using Photoshop]. [6] Texture doesn’t display. No idea what I’m doing wrong. [7] If I change from Object Mode to Texture Paint Mode the texture appears, but it would appear the model is either too small or the texture is too big. If you could help me or have a guide you can refer me to I would greatly appreciate it. Would help me out a lot in being able to make more detailed skins [The main issue when making skins using Photoshop is that you loss a good amount of details from the default textures]. All this being said, using blender might be even more complicated, I don’t really know yet.

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