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Game speed modding

Posted: Sun 30 Jul 2017 12:09
by Lindwurm
There is a mod for Steel Division - 'Pseudo-Pause Bullet Time', it adjusts the game speed multipliers ("Bullet Mode" / "Very Slow" / "Normal" / ...) to allow for a less hectic game experience. "Bullet Time" now acts as a pseudo-pause (10 000 sec real time = 1 sec ingame time) and the other slow modes are slightly slower as well.

Is it possible to mod game speed for W:RD as well? If so, what need to be modded?

Re: Game speed modding

Posted: Tue 1 Aug 2017 00:51
by The W:AB Noob
I had to look for a long time but I finally found it in pretty unexpected spot. It's the only value in NDF_Win.dat, components.ndfbin, TUIWargame2InGameSpeedResources. You could probably figure out what the numbers correlate to.

Have fun!

Re: Game speed modding

Posted: Tue 1 Aug 2017 17:53
by Lindwurm
Wow, thanks, you're a genius!