The end of an era

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Re: The end of an era

Postby The W:AB Noob » Wed 20 Sep 2017 20:17

PhantomColonel wrote:Thanks for providing us with the hands down best mod for those of us who enjoy super cheese fests :D :D
I enjoyed them as well ;)
Zomba69 wrote:To college? I thought you were some kind of ex military and computing expert :P
Nah, I was in high school this whole time. (You can look through my old posts and see all the cringy immature talks of a 14-year old.)
Spectre_nz wrote:Wha'cha studying?
I'm undecided right now, maybe something in science, computers, or engineering.
Taraphir wrote:I have just registered to Eugen Systems Forums to say thank you to W:AB Noob.
My own private Modification Project would have ever happened, without reading
about the many things you discovered in regard to modifying of this splendid game.
Wow, thanks for going through the effort and for sending me those kind words. I always assumed that there were many people who referenced the forums but never had an account, and even though the modding community looked small sometimes, there was a crowd actually putting my work and knowledge to use. It's good to know that my assumption was true!

Thanks everyone for your wishes, and I will do the same for your aspirations in and out of Wargame!
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Re: The end of an era

Postby TheMarraMan » Sat 28 Oct 2017 10:05

Damn, man. Best of luck. You've done some incredible things here and put a lot of work into this community. appreciate it my friend. Will forever love and play the Wargame Sandbox Mod.

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