How-To : Create New Deck Specializations

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How-To : Create New Deck Specializations

Postby Sireyn » Tue 3 Oct 2017 10:06

Updated guide on creating new deck specializations in the Modding Suite. This assumes a basic knowledge of the Modding Suite and folder structure of Wargame, but don't hesitate to ask if you need more specific instructions.

Step 1: Create new Localization Hash
> Open \510061340\5100645646\ZZ_Win (interface_outgame)
> Create a new entry with the name you want
> Open \430000564\430000574\ZZ_Win (interface_ingame)
> Create a new entry with the same name

Everything else is in gfx\everything within NDF_Win.

Step 2: Create new Deck Rule
> Open 355: TDeckRulesModifier
> Add a new entry with the rules you prefer

Step 3: Add Deck Rule to the Rules Manager
> Open 356: TShowRoomDeckRuleManager\ModifiersForUnitType
> Add new entry with your localization hash and the deck rule you just created

Step 4: Add Localization Hash to Main List of Hashes
> Open 352: TDeckAttributes\UnitTypeList
> Add new entry with your localization hash
> Open 362:TShowRoomDeckSerializer\UnitTypes
> Add new entry with your localization hash

Step 5: Add as Valid Deck to Main List of Combinations
> Open 357: DeckConstraints
> Create a new entry for every additional combination you want using your new localization hash
You should just need 3 variants to add to a single nation or coalition (CAT A, B, and C)

Step 6: Add Your Now Valid Decks to the Valid Combinations
> Open 356: ValidCombinations
> Add an entry for each variant from step 5

Step 7: Add Specialization to Units
> Open 81: TUniteAuSolDescriptor
> Add the localization hash to every unit you want to be included in your deck type
>> For new deck specializations (Mechanized, Motorized, etc) this is in UnitTypeTokens on the unit's page and Modules\TypeUnit\DefaultFilters\Map 3
>> For date Categories this is Modules\TypeUnit\DefaultFilters\Map 2


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