Willing to pay a modder!

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Willing to pay a modder!

Postby Omarncdn » Mon 16 Oct 2017 05:58

I would pay $100 usd to any of you who can find a why to add the save game option when playing solo skirmish....

If you are a modder looking to want to earn some money.. I got a few jobs for you.. I’m willing to pay for your efforts via PayPal

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Re: Willing to pay a modder!

Postby HansPeter1981 » Sat 2 Dec 2017 18:26

Hey... yes indeed unfortunately Eugen lacked out on Single player value for this game. People like you an me (I assume) who love the design and era of the game, but do not always have 1-2 hours time to commit fully to a multi player game.

I have been playing RD since beta and I would say 50/50 skirmish and multiplayer. Since I work (more then full time) have kids and being married I tend more and more to look for ganes where I can dedicate 30 mins to it, pause and then come back to it half or several days later.

The only way with wargame RD I found is, by sending my notebook into sleep by closing the lid.

As soon as I open it all works perfectly fine....


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