Lists of skins incomplete.

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Lists of skins incomplete.

Postby VCG-001 USS Spain » Sat 25 Nov 2017 12:15

Skins for Wargame Red Dragon are probably not being made much anymore. In addition, there are many, many skins that have been made in the past that are either difficult to acquire/impossible to acquire. Darkmil's list of skinpacks is fantastic, but incomplete, and it itself does not have all of the skins stored anywhere.

Links expire, reskinners leave, files are lost.

This should be fought tooth and nail. Even recently made skins can go missing, and there a couple I'd like to find right off the bat:
Does anybody know what happened to the thread where somebody made skins for the PLA, including Su-27s, marine camo for Type 59s, and the ZTZ-63-II? I cannot find it and the skins were absolutely fantastic.

Secondly, is Darkmil still here? Is he still working on the skins he made at all or making new ones? In particular, I'm wondering if the brilliant F-2 skin for the F-16AM will ever go onto the ROK F-16s, where F-2s and F-15Js could fly in one deck.

Can we find and simplify finding all the skins again?

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Re: Lists of skins incomplete.

Postby Shifu » Sat 25 Nov 2017 20:08

Hello and welcome on the forums!

I have moved your post here, into the Modding section.

All resources related to Skins can be either found in the index (A iii.) (especially check chema's skin directory) or in one of the two topics linked here (one of them is Darkmil's list you are referring to).

You are right, almost no skins are created anymore and the skins are not guaranteed to be available forever. Changing this, however, is not easy. As modding is not officially supported, some volunteer would have to invest time and resources into finding, downloading and re-uploading those skins (assuming the respective authors are fine with that). If you want to do so and create some sort of post collecting those, I'll happily sticky that/link to it in above linked posts.

On a side-note, it looks like Darkmil does check the forums, at least he's shown as last active Nov 25 2017.
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