server patch to enable send/receive messages

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server patch to enable send/receive messages

Postby kissinger » Fri 17 Jan 2020 21:30

One of the problems for the Wargame community is that there are some missing features for servers -- vote to kick, vote to rotate map, broadcast server rules, see stats about average strength of both teams compared, etc.

I've been working on a binary patch for Wargame server with the goal of adding some functionality and am happy to report that I've managed to enable send/receive chat functionality on the server!

Specifically, I've added a new rcon command,

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chat <client-id> <message>
which can be used to send a message to a specific client or broadcast to the entire lobby.

How Do I Use This?
See instructions at:

    * Vote to kick
    * Vote to rotate map
    * Vote to set date restrictions
    * Print lobby stats (avg level for blue vs red)
    * Show server rules when game starts

    * set team affiliation so you can play with friends but still have autobalance.
    * autokick on $badwords
    * more options to vote on forcing deck specialization
    * ban excessive leave/join behavior

Future Work
If there's interest, it is also possible to read flare markings and probably set them too. May also be possible to track what units are deployed at the start (eg to enforce helorush = ban). Let me know if you have ideas!

What are the caveats?
Only tested on Debian jessie (8.11) and Debian stretch (9) on x86_64, but should be pretty robust.

How can I trust you haven't just backdoored my wargame server?
I've distributed the patch itself, so you can verify the binary patches are quite small and if you know how to read x86 assembly or put it through an online decoder, you can easily see that they are not adding any backdoor functionality.

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Re: server patch to enable send/receive messages

Postby Shifu » Wed 22 Jan 2020 21:54

Cool! Consider crossposting here: viewforum.php?f=188 - I suppose server owners are interested

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