help with political points

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help with political points

Postby dargham95 » Thu 18 Feb 2021 02:46

hi everyone I just buy the game and I want some help with it , I see a lot of players saying something about the modding Suite I downloaded the app but I don`t know how to use it I saw someone say to change some number in in some files but when I change it nothing changes I didn`t get any political points it`s stay at the same number ,can someone help me with that pls ???

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Re: help with political points

Postby Sireyn » Sat 20 Feb 2021 04:48

More detail as to what post you are talking about, what file you are editing, and what number you changed would help.

Each campaign has an ndfscriptingforalternative1 containing the value you want.


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