Resources on modding AI

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Resources on modding AI

Postby TK3600 » Tue 23 Mar 2021 19:37 ... sp=sharing

You can access those in modding suite by NDF_Win.dat > everything > TPoolElement
Those are what the TPoolElement really meant. At first it is a bunch of numbers, but I have managed to decrypt what those numbers mean. You can see there is a bunch of silly stuff like AI wanting to build heavy tanks for 20pt, recon helicopters for 5pt. That is why AI sucks at recon, and why they never open with heavier tanks. ... sp=sharing

These are TPoolModel, the class that organizes TPoolElement into a pattern of attack. If TPoolElement determines what to build, TPoolModel is how the order and pattern of them are used together in a combined arm push. While unlike TPoolElement they are referenced by multiple TMacroAction, generally each model serves one types of purpose, like Attack or defend of resupply.

The class in charge of TPoolModel would be TMacroAction, those I presume are in charge of how they units are microed, like how likely are they to withdrawl, whether to stop when return fire or keep pushing under fire. ... sp=sharing

Then it is TSequenceGenerator and TIAGeneralStrategy, which determines how AI picks whether to attack or defend and etc. It has conditions like comparing what types of units you have vs AI has, how much time has passed and etc. The names are in a localisation hash. I have not managed to find the full version of it, this is the best I can do.

Lastly, I want to talk about IAStratModule under the unit section of everything > TUniteAusoldecriptor > Modules. ... sp=sharing

ComportementIAStrat affects how AI unit behaves individually.
Typeforpoolselection is how AI categorize each unit into specific types for deciding what types of unit to buy.

Thank you, ask me if you got any more questions. I have made a mod that includes improved AI. If you want to see how much AI can improve with just moderate tweaking you would be pleasantly surprised! ... /downloads

Special thanks to The W:RD Noob, he make these neat csv file from the data of game. I can't have done it without him!

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