Others Cant see my server

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Others Cant see my server

Postby apache150 » Fri 26 Apr 2019 03:36

Im trying to make it work in a debian 9 virtual machine.
My issue: I can see my server and get into it, but no one else can see it or join it.(I also checked on can you see me website)
I have the connection to the virtual machine set as bridged, so my router sees the VM as another computer and i forward the ports to it. I have allowed these ports to have any in/outbound connection on my host machine but i dont think that makes a difference.
I have tried setting it as a DMZ host on my router, didn't work.
When i start the server up i get the same openssl "couldnt read pkey or crt files" that other people had, idk if it could be the problem.
I have spent some days working on it and seems like i have hit a wall.

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