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Re: [Tool] Wolfs Wargame RCON

Postby DaniDE » Thu 15 Oct 2015 19:30

Hello there Wolf :D

I am using your RCON tool for a while now, and it really is a big help.

I would like to propose something for the next build of your tool, in particular changing it so the tool does not push all the settings to the server on connect, but set an extra "send commands" button below the map variables (vict. points and so on).

Maybe also the ability to store more than one server/login - would be nice for sure but I could personally live without that.

The new map names from map patch #1 are:
1vs1 Mud Fight : Destruction_2x3_Gangjin and Conquete_2x3_Gangjin
1vs1 Paddy Field : Destruction_2x3_Tohoku_Alt and Conquete_2x3_Tohoku_Alt
2vs2 Highway to Seoul : Destruction_3x3_Highway_Small and Conquete_3x3_Highway_Small
3vs3 Highway to Seoul : Destruction_3x3_Highway and Conquete_3x3_Highway
4vs4 Battle of Yuchalnok Pass : Destruction_5x3_Marine_1_Alt and Conquete_5x3_Marine_1_Alt
4vs4 The Green Mile : Destruction_4x3_Sangju_Alt and Conquete_4x3_Sangju_Alt

Thanks, Dankeschön,

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Re: [Tool] Wolfs Wargame RCON

Postby GeneralWolf » Sat 17 Oct 2015 08:42

First of of, thank you for your feedback.

The idea to individually sent settings on connect seems like a good idea. I will put it on my list, but to be honest I wouldn't expect the update in the near future. Maybe I will have time during the Christmas holidays, but I can't even promise that.
I am working about 60 hours a week at the moment and I don't feel like programming when I come home :D
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