[Tool] RedDragonRCON Beta

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[Tool] RedDragonRCON Beta

Postby ccrraaiigg007 » Thu 15 Oct 2015 02:01

Hi all! I have created an RCON tool to administer wargame servers. I am looking for feedback on it.

Screenshot : Image
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Re: [Tool] RedDragonRCON Beta

Postby DaniDE » Thu 15 Oct 2015 18:21

Thank you - looks very promising. I´ll give it a test spin now :)


Looks good so far, stable and working. Does the ban option give an option to ban for a set amount of time or is it permanent only? I could/want not test that, because I don't have root access to our VPS.

What I miss:
-ability to store logins to server(s)

-ability to store certain setups that I could push to server with the click of a button (That contains the general parameters for a map, player count, allowed decks, victory points and so on) - Custom preset 1, custom preset 2, and so on. - 3-5 should be enough for everyone.

-ability to store a certain amount of favorite maps that I could switch to with the click of a button - maybe 10 would be a good number.
(the map itself and the setup for the map parameters should be apart, you usually have a setup and only change maps from time to time) - browsing ALL maps gets tedious after a while no matter how beautiful you make that list :D

-a tickbox to setsvar private to 1 or 0

-a (at least two lines high) box to send custom commands to the server to make sure the tool continues working even if the game changes (like new maps come or Wargame 4 hehe).

-a display of the server feedback to see if your commands are accepted or any errors are being reported back.

Dani :D

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