Newbie trying to make a server on VM

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Newbie trying to make a server on VM

Postby RyuuxDxD » Wed 8 Aug 2018 03:40

Hello peoples, i am lost and I don't know what to do exactly now XD

Soooo, i tried using this : ... =324948531

I actually tried to make 2 vm to make it work, one was on unbuntu 16.04.5 i386 (32 bits variant)
and the second on debian 7.11.0 i386 (32 bits version to).

VM's seems to work, i think my problem is from the fowarding port steps but i don't know what to do and what seems in the guide don't work for me ? or seems to not work.
I even tried PortMapper and he doesn't work, it seems like he can't connect to the router.
anyway, i got my ip and i choosed a port i tried to forward i tried 4 differents ports to be sure it's not that port who is not working. (eatch one were random numbers)
but i can't see the server in game at all and the codes seems ok to me.

here is the code I get when i try to run the server.

Code: Select all

Couldn't read 'pkey' or 'cert' file.  To generate a key
and self-signed certificate, run:
  openssl genrsa -out pkey 2048
  openssl req -new -key pkey -out cert.req
  openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in cert.req -signkey pkey -out cert
Starting Libevent 2.0.18-stable.
Available methods are :
Using Libevent with backend method epoll
  Edge-triggered events are supported.
  O(1) event notification is supported.

No rcon port or no rcon password specified, rcon won't be available
Initializing Server Properties :
Variable NbMaxPlayer set to 20
Variable NbPlayer set to 0
Variable Seed set to 1
Variable Private set to 0
Variable ServerName set to Default Server Name
Variable WithHost set to 0
Variable ServerProtocol set to 0.0
Variable TimeLeft set to 0
Variable Version set to 0
Variable GameState set to 0
Variable Password set to
Variable NeedPassword set to 0
Variable GameType set to 0
Variable Map set to Destruction_5x3_Asgard_10v10
Variable InitMoney set to 4000
Variable TimeLimit set to 1200
Variable ScoreLimit set to 4000
Variable NbIA set to 0
Variable VictoryCond set to 1
Variable IncomeRate set to 3
Variable WarmupCountdown set to 120
Variable DeploiementTimeMax set to 120
Variable DebriefingTimeMax set to 30
Variable LoadingTimeMax set to 120
Variable NbMinPlayer set to 10
Variable DeltaMaxTeamSize set to 10
Variable MaxTeamSize set to 10
Variable NationConstraint set to -1
Variable ThematicConstraint set to -1
Variable DateConstraint set to -1
Overriding Server Properties from variables.ini file :
Variable ServerName set to "!$/$%???WORK?"
Variable InitMoney set to "10000"
Variable ScoreLimit set to "20000"
Variable NbMinPlayer set to "18"
Variable DebriefingTimeMax set to "180"
Variable WarmupCountdown set to "15"
Variable TimeLimit set to "3600"
Retrieving admin list from admins.ini file :
Initializing Server Protocol Property : 1.0
Variable ServerProtocol set to "1.0"
Variable TimeLeft set to "4294967295"
Updating clients banned list
Entering in matchmaking state
Connecting to match making server
Connected to match making server
Stats URL for game
Connection to match making server validated , dedicated server can be used by clients on IP
ServerPropertyReporting listening for client !
Using as CouchDB stats source

So what can I do to make it work ?
I learned how to make a VM a bit less than from now 6 month and it's my first server. So if you could give me advice like you do to a newbie that don't understand what he is doing and still would like to understand more, thanks in advance!
Last thing sorry for my poor english, I do speak french at the base.

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Re: Newbie trying to make a server on VM

Postby Shifu » Wed 8 Aug 2018 20:30

First, verify whether your server is reachable for others (e.g. some friend .. or just wait until someone connects).

With that information, go and read the answers by MadMantiz here: viewtopic.php?f=188&t=57650

Edit: if portmapper doesn't work, you can access the router and set the port forwarding there.

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