Server not visible in List, no RCON

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Server not visible in List, no RCON

Postby Wookimonsta » Mon 15 Mar 2021 10:46

NEVERMIND: I put in an old and wrong IP.

However, can anyone tell me how the admins.ini works?

Hi everyone,

I ran a server back in 2014 and was hoping to do so again.

I installed docker and followed this guide:

I run the container with the following command:
sudo docker run -d --net host --name war3-server -e EXPOSEDIP= -e EXPOSEDPORT=11000 --mount type=bind,src=$(pwd)/settings,target=/server/settings eugensystems/wargame3 +rcon_password xxxxxxxx +rcon_port 12000

and the server seems to start fine (though I do get the message about the cert file at the top):

Code: Select all

sudo docker container logs war3-server
Couldn't read 'pkey' or 'cert' file.  To generate a key
and self-signed certificate, run:
  openssl genrsa -out pkey 2048
  openssl req -new -key pkey -out cert.req
  openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in cert.req -signkey pkey -out cert
Starting Libevent 2.1.8-stable.
Available methods are :
Using Libevent with backend method poll
  All FD types are supported.

Initializing Server Properties :
Variable NbMaxPlayer set to 20
Variable NbPlayer set to 0
Variable Seed set to 1
Variable Private set to 0
Variable ServerName set to Default Server Name
Variable WithHost set to 0
Variable ServerProtocol set to 0.0
Variable TimeLeft set to 0
Variable Version set to 0
Variable GameState set to 0
Variable Password set to
Variable NeedPassword set to 0
Variable GameType set to 0
Variable Map set to Destruction_5x3_Asgard_10v10
Variable InitMoney set to 4000
Variable TimeLimit set to 1200
Variable ScoreLimit set to 4000
Variable NbIA set to 0
Variable VictoryCond set to 1
Variable IncomeRate set to 3
Variable WarmupCountdown set to 120
Variable DeploiementTimeMax set to 120
Variable DebriefingTimeMax set to 30
Variable LoadingTimeMax set to 120
Variable NbMinPlayer set to 10
Variable DeltaMaxTeamSize set to 10
Variable MaxTeamSize set to 10
Variable NationConstraint set to -1
Variable ThematicConstraint set to -1
Variable DateConstraint set to -1
Overriding Server Properties from variables.ini file :
Variable ServerName set to "Wooks SplodeORama"
Variable InitMoney set to "2000"
Variable TimeLimit set to "3600"
Variable Map set to "Conquete_5x3_Asgard_10v10"
Variable VictoryCond set to "4"
Variable WarmupCountdown set to "16"
Variable LoadingTimeMax set to "60"
Variable DeploiementTimeMax set to "60"
Variable DebriefingTimeMax set to "60"
Variable DeltaMaxTeamSize set to "5"
Variable IncomeRate set to "2"
Retrieving admin list from admins.ini file :
Initializing Server Protocol Property : 1.0
Variable ServerProtocol set to "1.0"
Variable TimeLeft set to "4294967295"
Updating clients banned list
Entering in matchmaking state
Connecting to match making server
Connected to match making server
Stats URL for game
Connection to match making server validated , dedicated server can be used by clients on IP
ServerPropertyReporting listening for client !
Using as CouchDB stats source

Ports are open:

Unfortunately I can't find the server in the gamelist and I also can't connect using a rcon tool. RCON by Racer just tells me "Server is offline/unavailable".

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: While I'm here, what do I put in the admins.ini file?

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