Active approach to strategy and opening tips?

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Active approach to strategy and opening tips?

Postby Dimebag94407 » Fri 17 Jun 2016 18:10

I play mostly conquest and lately I found myself playing a in a more active active (pushing the line throughout the game, making small advances to keep the enemy busy to relief other sectors, using CAS in coordinated strikes to kill key units etc..).
There are 2 things I still feel like I'm really struggling, which are the opening and the general active strategy(as in not based on reaction only) to keep in the course of the battle.

OPENING: I used to loose a boatload of stuff because of bad micro (radar/squishy units engaging first bc of speed/tanks getting sideshot etc). Now I got better in this regard but I still struggle at defending the ground I take because I can't get reinforcements in time/don't have the right units to counter what I get thrown at me.

1) I play mostly Armored and Mechanized (Moto openings come easier to me as I avoid any kind of slugging game with it), what's a good force composition for either? I see people going out with at least 1 superheavy (I do too) but sometimes It happens that I get outgunned either by 2 superheavys or by 5-8 medium (50-70pts) MBTs. Mech is particularly prone to suffering from double superheavy in forest lines (!?).

2) Speaking of recon, better to start with helo recon or cheap vehicle recon(first gets shot down, second doesn't see shit)?

3)Planes: I feel like those 100-odds points are better spent elsewhere, only to find out that I might have saved my Challie 2 if I had brought out even a cheap multirole to kill that Seria/Mig27K. (happened after my AA got artied to death by an artyfag with mortars: still got a win though).

STRATEGY: I find myself mostly reacting to what the opponent might send, and this influences also my force composition as I try to bring counters for everything, which leaves me with not enough stuff to deal with specialized opponents.

1) How do you plan your strategy? (without giving away too much)

2) Do you have any tips for establishing a good plan of action during the course of the entire game? I can react in quite a good way if I can get enough recon but I have trouble understanding when it's time to push and when it's not. I found out in quite a few replays that I either held back my mangled force against an enemy that got entirely destroyed, or that I pushed right into his second wave of counters brought out specifically to cripple my remaining troops.

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Re: Active approach to strategy and opening tips?

Postby Rabidnid » Sat 18 Jun 2016 03:55

I've given up on armoured decks, the lack of any wheeled vehicles is a major disadvantage. These days I pretty much just run NSWP.

With mech I usually lead with to BTR-40As 4 to 8 infantry in BMP-2/Vydra-II a couple shilkas, 2/3 PRAM, tanks and a long range radar AA or two.

Basically the massed autocannons can handle anything but skandi wheeled easily enough and the infantry, once deployed are a good response to the counter push. I usually opt for the BMP-2s without ATGMS, which can be a bad thing versus opposing mech, but infantry ATGMS, short range auto cannons and tanks can handle them pretty well. AA is pretty hit and miss, the shilkas occasionally rip things to shreds and other times die pathetically. I get 9 on the card though so it's no real loss, and they also soak up SEAD going for my KUBs. The GROM are exceptionally good and are best pushed well forward. The mortars are an important counter to deployed infantry in the open or in woods, AA trying to counter your helis, and provide the option of smoking your tanks to break LOS should not be underestimated

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Re: Active approach to strategy and opening tips?

Postby Dimebag94407 » Sat 18 Jun 2016 19:32

Thanks Rab, that's good advice 8-)
P.S. I'd keep your post number that way :P

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Re: Active approach to strategy and opening tips?

Postby asaphx » Fri 23 Sep 2016 11:58

well a lot of strategy and tactics are map and zone specific, also depending on the players you're with and against. but of course there are some general tips.
1) in conquest, you must have the initiative. i've won matches in conquest where the opponents had more kill points. attacking, and scarificing material to gain foothold are key. especially true if u are being bombarded or losing a battle somewhere. u then need to initiate a move that your enemy won't expect. This is also true of your opening move, whether it's landing an airborne assault on a key enemy position they take a bit of time to get too (especially if you're red), or sending inf and cheap vehicles on a flanking detour (you'll need supplies if it's long), covered by tanks from behind.

2) heavy tanks are not supposed to go into hostile forests - but should form a nice line from which they can all fire away to the open area in front of them. reversing with tanks is very important and not showing ur behind or side. if u do have a nice stable tank line, up against an enemy line (or an advancing enemy), then you should have two or three SH tanks, and as many atgms as u can muster (especially inf atgm).

3) cheap recon vehicles are meant to fight alongside ur tanks to give them better vision and minor addition of firepower. I find that heli recon is very important to see what's behind enemy lines (even from way back, which is where you want to keep it so it doesn't get shot down).

4) bring supply trucks with you from start, always, and refill them with supply helis.

5) if you're mech - your heaviest tanks (which aren't so heavy) should only cover your units from as behind as possible. so your cheap vhc and inf are progressing and tanks shells are flying from behind them.

6) I find that fighter planes require some dedication and fast response i sometimes lack. I prefer to keep strong anti plane aa's with radar off (or radarless), and control it with the quick selection.

7. spread your units. always spread your units as much as possible. don't concentrate them, especially at start - send them to different places. this will not only save you from getting hammered, but will also allow you to attack your enemy from different directions (very useful) and surprise them (even more useful).

initiative wins the war (in conquest).

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Re: Active approach to strategy and opening tips?

Postby Codingboy » Mon 17 Oct 2016 06:35

i only play conquest

try send a unit to an uncommon place and focus the opponents micro on handling with it.
i often do this with an elite inf on plunjing valley.
i dont mind if the unit dies but if not i have conquered some land for free and may attack my opponent from unexpected angles.

search contact with a single empty transport vehicle
then advance with the rest of your army

if you find yourself just reacting HOLD ON
buy 1 or 2 units sneak them through and make your opponent the one who reacts

send units to every sector that might be able to conquer in the opening
if you dont, you send this sector as a gift to your opponent
(see this so often on plunjing valley against me)
this is the +1 in conquest that kills you

dont buy artillery in the opening
dont buy artillery in the opening
dont buy artillery in the opening

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