RedFor, Eastern Block, National Decks (+ few other questions)

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Re: RedFor, Eastern Block, National Decks (+ few other questions)

Postby steppewolf » Thu 27 Jul 2017 09:22

Adarius wrote:I will try the Motoschutze 90 in BMP-2s again. So far I've struggled with my IFV usage. Also I must say that the Nebirske have been performing very well so far. 700m rpg and 15 hp cause a lot of trouble in skirmishes.

Of course, keep what works for you but 15 man squads are rarely price effective. It also depends on the type of game you play.

Adarius wrote:Not quite sure o what you mean here. The Strop-2 is excellent and only having 3 Newas means I come up short versus aircraft. The AA helicopter + Strop-2 + LSTR is good vs helicopters and New+Osa covers the planes.

You have Lstr on wheels for openings going along with Strop 2 (or Osa). You also have Newa as heavy AA. I feel there is space for an intermediate missile or a cheaper SPAAG if you drop one of the wheeled options. To me OSA seem a bit redundant so I suggested a Tor because it can deal with helicopters with long range ATGMs (3150 range vs 2800 Osa's range which means can deal Longbow, Nimrod)

Adarius wrote:I am not quite sure on why you dislike the ATGM tanks.

The 85 pts Wilks got 10 % less stabiliser, is 10 km/h slower but got 9 instead of 8 rounds per minute and one more in side armour compared to the 90 pts T-72MIM. Basically I trade a small amount of fire power when stationary and 5 pts for a high-end 2625 m ranged ATGM.

The Merida is a bit more challenging in my opinion as I pay 15 pts to get extra armour (13/10/3/3 instead of 10/4/2/2) but a weaker cannon (10 %) accuracy and a 2800 m ATGM. What I will try now is to live without the DDR helicopter with rocket pods and a slightly weaker recon tab to instead get the Merida in addition to the Dyna.

I think they rarely hit, especially in a general deck, in an armored deck I think they're fine. If works for you, keep one tank there with GLATGM, no point to take both Dyna and Merida.

Wilks and M1M are different classes, better ROF helps especially at close range, Wilks are good workhorses in their class, heavy (Wilk2) and medium (Wilk 1).

Adarius wrote:The Salamanders and recon in helicopter have been a let down so far. My usage of the SPW-40 was due to its good optics but I will tyr the MI-24a to see if it fits with their better role and also drop the other helicopter infantry to make space for the Merida.

I Salamander doesn't work, use the slot for something else but remember that is mainly a recon chopper and you don't need to use them in actual combat other than picking obvious victims. If you want recon inf with recon vehicle in the same card I suggest SpezialAufklarer + SPW40. The helo is better for insertions behind enemy lines.

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