Baltic Front decks and strategy?

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Re: Baltic Front decks and strategy?

Postby another505 » Sat 17 Dec 2016 06:46

Mister Maf wrote:
QUAD wrote:i havent even tried the konkurs recon, ive just been using the bushmaster 2 one.

@MisterMaff link a good deck?

This is what I have right now.

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Spoiler : :

It's still being refined but I like it so far. YMMV depending on unit preference.

another505 wrote:the M-91A also has faster rof iirc. and entente has moderna which is better than twardy in my opinion.

M-91A has 10 r/m, Finmod has 9. Not really that big of a difference imo. The Moderna is certainly better than the Twardy, though, yes.

Neither are great tank brawling decks compare to blufor's or USSR, they are good because the infantry is good, but your tanks are mediocre, and the lack of 3325m anti helo means longbow are a real pain in the ass.
I suppose you must get mig-21bis to handle them... but against USA's better airforce and AA... is unreliable, might get shot down before even it touches the longbow

I still don't consider the tanks mediocre. The Vihor in practice has certainly been somewhat disappointing when it faces off against, say, 2A5s in the open, yes. But all around both coalitions have some pretty capable hardware, and I'm telling you, you really ought not underestimate the AP power on the Finnish tanks. The T-72PÄIV can be used to outnumber heavier tanks — anchor them with the Finmod and they'll pulverize.

As far as Longbows go — just 2v1 it with 2800m AA. You'll kill the Longbow and lose one piece. Very favorable trade.

you forget entente has more than just tank, the S-5 and 26ap ATGM plane is decent, super galeb is near OP. Su-25k is actually an option(a mediocre one)
and their 15pt shock infantry with the RR IFV is the new motshutzen 75 bmp1 spam
you also get better AA. OSA are still amazing, and the IR NEWA is still retarded.Strela10m3 needs a nerf , it should get a range nerf iirc they didnt really get a range buff irl from strela10m. M84AN needs a nerf too, price and even avail.
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Re: Baltic Front decks and strategy?

Postby CommanderDef » Wed 4 Jan 2017 18:04

Baltic Armored, version for longer fights and bigger maps

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Relies heavily on BMP-1 recon konkurs, which is the only ATGM vehicle (outside of Svir tanks). The deck can hold it's own against pretty much everything, the hardest would be fighting British armor (superior in every way). I have already given up bombers in longer games, Poland has no good one and Finnish Beagle isn't nowhere as good as it's Korean counterpart. Therefore, more ASFs.
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