New player that has always not knowing when to push, when to not.

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New player that has always not knowing when to push, when to not.

Postby CallMeAlt » Fri 3 Feb 2017 23:36

Hello, I've watched all of Razzman's Guides, went through the 200-page guide on steam guides, and watched a ton of other guides. But I'm always held back by 2 things, I don't know what to do tactically. An perfect example of this is in one of my recent games, it was a 4v4, there was 4 lanes, I went to one of the very right lanes. (It was called 4v4 STRAIT to the point) The enemy got there quicker than me due to their spawn being a bit closer, and having heliborne troops. I then tried to fall back and defend the nearby woods. It lasted a long time, but I didn't know WHEN to push, HOW to push, and WHAT to push. The enemy was a more advanced player, that took control of every flank route possible. It was a smaller map, so there was literally no way besides either into the obj, or down 2 flanking routes which he had very well protected. I was just way too defensive and he easily pushed through me and overwhelmed my light defenses I scrambled to put up.

A better example to help me on would probably be this one, I’ll post the replay of it as well, just don’t cringe too much. It was on bloody ridge, 4v4, I tried to push into the town between India and Echo. early on I figured out they were in the town before me, I tried to set up defenses, I was playing a UK Marine deck. I had only scorp tanks, (I abandoned the marine deck after this) and was hard pressed to fall back due to overwhelming casualties. I then used the terrain to set up a decent defense on the ridge. It worked flawlessly, didn’t let them slip through. But I didn’t know when to push again, and I’d say I cost the team a loss due to just me not knowing when to push. After this match I also really definitely learned forests = Inf’s playground.

Another thing I have issues with is tanks, I see players all the time pull them to the front of the forest, fire, back up, ect. But how do you use them outside of forests? How do you push forward with them? What about pushing them forward in urban?

Sorry for the long post, but these issues I have really drain my fun :(

TLDR: Watched tons of the recommended guides, still suck. Don’t know when to push, when not to push, how to push, what to push, ect. And how to use tanks. Thank you for reading! :)

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Re: New player that has always not knowing when to push, when to not.

Postby Mister Maf » Wed 8 Feb 2017 18:03

CallMeAlt wrote:I was playing a UK Marine deck

I'll just tell you straight up without even watching the replay, you lost when you picked this deck. UK marine isn't even close to viable. Only US marine and, to a lesser extent, Red Dragon marine are halfway decent, and even they are situational. Mounting an effective attack starts with using a deck that is actually capable of attacking, and those two are the only marine decks with enough combined arms power to do it.

Really, though, the meta right now is based around IFVs and heavy tanks. The best decks for attacking are general/unspecialized, armored, and mechanized, depending on the area you're fighting in.

I know you said you've looked at a bunch of guides, but have you looked at this one? ... h-wargame/

This one is all about attacking. Excellent guide that I wish was around when I first started playing Wargame.

You'll develop a sense on how to read the situation as you get more experienced, but in a general, theoretical sense, attack when:
  • You thwart an enemy assault, inflicting much heavier losses on them than you take. Your enemy has just invested and lost a lot of points, leaving them weak to a counter-attack.
  • You have probed around and found a weakness in their lines, or have created one through disruption or artillery.
  • You have softened the enemy up with artillery and have an overwhelmingly superior force.
  • An ally is attacking — support them.
  • An ally is being attacked and you're too far away to help — put pressure on the enemy so that your opponent can't freely shift his forces over to help attack without giving up ground.

In a matchup of a passive player versus an active player, the active player will win almost every single time.

Regarding armor, the key for attacking with them is the same as with everything else — combined arms. Soften the enemy up with artillery and lay down smoke over known ATGMs. If you can get an ally to handle the artillery bombardment after you start your attack, do that. Bring recon and anti-air. Order your tanks to attack-move so that they stop as soon as they encounter an enemy and fire with their standing accuracy instead of moving accuracy.

Walking up a couple ATGM teams or vehicles in the back doesn't hurt, especially as BLUFOR without any gun-launched ATGMs. If you're rolling up to a forest, be sure to have some infantry in tow to disembark and clear the way. If you destroy a lot of anti-air along the way, it might be time to bring in some airplanes to help keep your momentum rolling.

Don't forget to bring up supplies and reinforcements as you advance. Try to pre-emptively read what you might need in five minutes and buy it now so that it arrives when you need it. Running out of supplies and units is a great way to get counter-pushed and lose everything you just gained. You'll get better at this with experience.

Recognize when you've hit a brick wall early so that you can retreat before losing everything.

Finally, do N O T send tanks into urban areas. Just don't do it. It doesn't work.

Again, read the guide I linked above. It talks a lot about how to attack. Once you know how to, I think you'll get a lot better at knowing when to.

Here's an example of a fairly well-orchestrated attack. It's in a tactical 10v10 and was done when the meta revolved around medium tanks, but the execution still applies to normal games.
Spoiler : :

We softened them up before the video starts with artillery and took the forest in the north part of our zone. This secured our flank for our next attack to the east.

Notice how we continued to lay down artillery on the targets of advance even as we moved in. Armor and anti-air provided cover for the infantry, which actually secured the positions. When it came time to move past what we knew to be an occupied position, we laid down smoke so that we could move past it freely.

When we discovered that the enemy AA was inadequate, we used attack planes to suppress the enemy as we continued to move up with everything together. You'll also notice toward the end of the video that new units and supplies arrive from the back to keep the momentum going. The rest of this assault after the video basically just continued with this formula until we reached their base.

If you read that guide, you'll see just about everything he talks about in action here. The decision to attack was made simply because we felt like we had the advantage and enough units to pull it off with.

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Re: New player that has always not knowing when to push, when to not.

Postby Adarius » Thu 9 Feb 2017 00:49

I am also a new player but one of the things I have learned from Wargame is that even when you are not pushing you need to push. Obviously major pushes such as the ones you talk about need to be timed well. But it is pretty much never possible to assemble a force big enough to push by turtling and wait for reinforcements as your opponent will also be receiving reinforcements at a similar pace to your own.

Personally I am a big fan of using stand off periods to infiltrate infantry through rough terrain in order to attack the enemy from unexpected directions. Either going full Kamikaze as even cheap infantry can destroy expensive units from the side or having them wait to support the push by attacking from an unforeseen direction. Other alternatives are of course helicopter assaults, air attacks and artillery aimed by guessing or recon.

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Re: New player that has always not knowing when to push, when to not.

Postby Sovereign » Sat 6 May 2017 18:44

Fantastic guide here. Should answer your question.

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