Infantry Stealth Weapons, Hidden Stats

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Infantry Stealth Weapons, Hidden Stats

Postby Godspeed » Wed 29 Nov 2017 21:33

Hey guys. I would like to start a topic about this because I am curious to your knowledge of it. I've seen on a 10v10 tactical, a squad of delta force engage a teammate with their M60s(machine gun) turned off and with just their MP5SD on. With a noise of (1) instead of the standard assault rifles 1.5(hidden stats) the MP5SD seems to be a quieter gun.

So basically what I saw was that the Delta Force squad or whatever was engaging our team's infantry in the forest. They were completely invisible doing so. Our teammate was getting their face blasted in without even being able to fight back. You could see the tracer fire hitting our infantry from the general direction. However, in order to fight back, one would have to micro their forces to attack move towards to tracer fire.

Please let me know if I was just seeing things or if this is a commonly unknown element of the game. I have like thousands of hours in this game, but honestly have very little knowledge of hidden stats. Not saying im good or anything. :). Hey though, Pretty good element to add in the new Wargame if it doesn't exist imo. Elite squad of infantry, having suppressed weapons.

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