Air Superiority

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Air Superiority

Postby Ghost993514 » Fri 2 Feb 2018 16:30

Anyone know of any ways to gain Air Superiority (including destroying AA) in Wargame?

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Re: Air Superiority

Postby Markenzwieback » Fri 2 Feb 2018 16:55

The general and most basic formula for air superiority would be to
  • a) have your own frontline AA so your fighters have a line to retreat behind (even OSAs or some guns spread across the line should do the trick),
  • b) have fighters with long-range missiles, ideally fire and forget ones (F-16 Block 52, Yak-141, MiG-29s, etc.),
  • c) don't fly your fighters too close to the enemies AA, unless you want to secure the kill (make use of their range, but keep in mind that the enemy most likely has range too).
If you want to go further and target enemy AA itself, you will need SEAD planes. And if you want to be really cheeky, get some cluster bombers and target the launch sights of enemy AA right after your ground attackers and SEAD have made their runs.

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Re: Air Superiority

Postby urogard » Fri 2 Feb 2018 17:55

actual air superiority between two equal opponents is a myth, just like in RL
As such there's no way to "gain" air superiority except through dumb luck (your ASF takes out their ASF and survives) or stupidity on the opponents side (they bring no AA or let it get killed).

If someone has AA, you'll be unable to guarantee that your bomber/atgm escapes unharmed.
Even if you have SEAD, non-radar AA can still shoot down your planes.
Even if you send SEAD against their radar AA, they just need to wait until your SEAD is turning away, then shoot down your SEAD plane.

Do not ever try to "bomb someone to the stone age" by engaging their AA. They will almost always have more AA units than you can afford planes.

You can have portions of the map which are low risk to planes and you can send them on missions there, but these low risk areas can at any time turn into high-risk areas.

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Re: Air Superiority

Postby another505 » Fri 2 Feb 2018 20:02

Air to aircombat is really luck based sadly. A Mig-25PD has a chance to shoot down a rafale, rookie F-18c (Atgm sraam) and my elite su-27pu has mutually shot down each other twice in one game. (**** the opvulcan)

There isn't much skill involved other than choosing the best moment to engage but in the end, RNG decides. I usually make sure i have 2 to 1 superiority to go into a dogfight. If not, i will just fire mraams and turn around, or hopefully my plane's presence is enough to drive them away.

about IR AA, i think they have been way overbuffed ingame against planes, eotshawk, IR newa, adats, finnish crotale and so on that SEAD isn't as useful. And on top of that, patriot is retarded, outrange all sead. The interaction of sead vs ground AA has been really pushed to AA's advantage. Not saying sead is completely useless, but its role has been really hampered in team games where IR AA and patriots are more common.
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Re: Air Superiority

Postby Ghost993514 » Fri 2 Feb 2018 21:16

I wanna say thanks for your feedback, I'll keep most of this in mind.

I also forgot to mention my strategy (in Wargame) to gain Air Superiority.
I typically run infantry and recon, using Motorized decks, and I maximize Anti air and Air to Air capabilities along with Recon, using my AA net to take down some fighters with my own engaging from behind my net, usually running SEAD where I expect to use my air units.
I'm also a US primary, playing as the US most often, and actually use a single (Veteran/Hardened) Patriot to have a nice, accurate, long range AA coverage set up to counter most enemy air, along with Infrared (Usually Chaparrals as US) and their own radar AA (I-Hawk systems) that remains close to my various ground formations as opposed to area coverage.
Being able to attain Air Superiority is fairly important in my tactics, with Ground Attack being major benefactors due to my more lightly armed ground force.

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Re: Air Superiority

Postby James-Bond » Tue 10 Apr 2018 22:46

Btw previous posts by users made very good points so I'm will just try to provide some additional stuff (will try not to repeat).
Basically it's a war of attrition, just have to keep chipping away when the opportunity presents itself.

Vs Enemy Planes.
Using Fighter planes, Luck seems to be a factor, but timing of when to engage is key. Try to target them flying across or away from you.

Interceptors like tomcats are irritating. I just usually evac. They cant stay in the air forever they need to rearm & refuel. So if intend to do a ground strike with planes try and do it ASAP after they Evac if it possible to minimise tge chance that planes can be called out to destroy you.

Baiting, use a plane to lure , hopefully they get tunnel vison and chase it. Fly away and evac at correct time, to be hit by your fighters / ground AA.

Vs Ground AA
SEAD is too specialised to get a place in my deck usually. as a lot of players turn off radar AA and only turn it on when its safe. BUT it can be useful at identifing areas of Radar AA which can be marked for artillery.
AND SEAD can force the enemy into more micro management, so even the presence of SEAD may cause the enemy to turn off their Radar.

I rely on heavily on Recon units
And and I use 2 max accurate tube artillery.
When I see AA i usually flare it (for me or team mates), then will try to hit with a volley of artillery shells. It may destroy AA, or damage it and force it repair further back.

Hope some of this is useful.
Also you could use your mortars to target AA close to the front line

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