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2 PARA - Wargaming Hub (Clan)

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2 PARA - Wargaming Hub

Are you wanting to be Virtual Solider? a Battlefield Commander? A Brother in Arms?

Then your in luck! [2 PARA] is all about putting Military Themed games onto the map and proving its worth ur time!
In a stable and growing community offering support from a dedicated team of highly motivated Wargame Enthusiasts.

We act as your gateway to the feilds of battle, Whether that be intense Aireal dogfights in warthunder, or the Squad based tactics of ArmA.

My name is Valkyrie.
I founded [2 PARA], to create a stable and active environment
for those who love Military Themed games

What you get in 2 PARA:

Dedicated and friendly players willing to immerse you in, just about any wargame you can think of. Showing you the greatness and enjoyment a Wargame can give you.

Are you up for a higher challenge? Take your experience to the next level!
(Tournaments will be held for some of the games we play)
Main games include: All total war games, Wargame: Red Dragon, ArmA, Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy, Shadowrun, and much, much more.

I'm pretty sure your interested in becoming a part of our community,
So i'm going to outline how to enlist into [2 PARA]

• First, Contact a recruiter on steam:

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039408025/ (Owner)

• Next, visit our website here:
http://2ndbatparachuteregiment.enjin.com (Under Re-work)

•Last, see us at our teamspeak server:
2908841.ts3.multiplaygameservers.com (May take a few trys)

I appreciate you taking the time to read about our wargaming group,

I hope to see you at the recruitment office and onto the fields of war.


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