New Tournament Sign-Up

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New Tournament Sign-Up

Postby BareAtSnakke » Mon 26 Mar 2018 00:13

I thought it was time for another tourney. This will be a double-elimination 1v1 tourney, with no DLC except the Netherlands allowed. As such, it is called the First "Dutch Exceptional" Tournament, hosted by me, true_orb. Full details below. Sign up via EMAIL.

First “Dutch Exceptional” tournament by True_Orb
1v1 ranked format. Finals will be a best of 5 matches. Semi-finals will be a best of 3 matches, and all other rounds will be single matches.

This tournament is open to all who sign up. All players desiring to participate must email with the following information:
1. In-Game name.
2. Steam name and profile link.
3. Time-zone in Universal Coordinated time (UTC).
4. 4 deck codes which cannot be changed once submitted.

Inconsistencies between decks played and decks submitted will result in immediate disqualification.

Bragging rights.

To complete the tournament in a timely fashion, each round will last a period of 6 days (Monday-Saturday), during which time all participants must finish their games and submit results for the next round. Sunday will be the day that results are posted for the next round. The first round will officially begin on Monday, April 2 at midnight US Central time (UTC-6) and end Saturday, April 7 at 11:59pm US Central time (UTC-6). The second round will be posted on Sunday, April 8, and players may begin matches as soon as they see their designated opponent.

Matches may be casted by XanderTuron on YouTube. Keep this in mind as your play will be public. Tournament will be organized and recorded with Challonge.

Professional and Respectful Demeanor: All players are required to treat other players in a respectful manner and abstain from behavior or language that is abusive to individuals or groups. Player names that include slurs against particular races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, people with disabilities, etc. will not be permitted. Any player found to be using such language in a tournament game or in their names will be disqualified from the tournament. What constitutes such language is at the organizer’s discretion.

Match Style:
All matches will be in ranked format (1000 starting points, conquest to 500 points, 40-minute time limit, confrontation/blufor/redfor matchups, with ranked pool maps only).

No decks containing Yugoslavian, Finnish, or Israeli units are allowed. Gen. red and blu decks may not use any units from these nations. Dutch units and decks are acceptable. Each player is allotted 4 tourney decks, which must be submitted with their application to participate.

Map List:

1. Mud Fight!
2. Nuclear winter is coming
3. Plunjing Valley
4. Paddy Field (1v1)
5. Punchbowl
6. Hell in a very small place
7. Highway to Seoul (2v2)

Map/Deck Selection:
All rounds will begin with one player making a private lobby and setting it to the appropriate match style format.
The player on the top of the bracket begins the veto process by saying “I veto [map name]” and their opponent follows, with each player alternating until only two maps are left. At this point, the player in the bottom bracket will choose their deck. Next, the top-bracket player will choose their deck. After the second player has chosen their deck, their opponent will select the final map. In subsequent matchups (in the semi-finals and finals, or in case of a draw) this process will repeat, but maps already played will be removed from the deck pool. For example: in the second match, the player in the top of the bracket will still get first veto selection, but with only 6 maps in the pool, the map and deck advantage will be switched and alternate for each round.

Victory Conditions:
A match victory is determined by the same standards as the game itself. Games that end in a draw by the game’s standards will not be counted towards either side, but must still be submitted in the results of the round.

Submission of Results:
The winner of each round is responsible for submitting replays and a summary of results (name of winner of each game with respective score in terms of command points) to before the end of the round timeframe. Failure to submit accurate information before the deadline may result in disqualification. Participants are strongly encouraged to finish matches as soon as possible so that the next round may commence.

Helicopter Abuse:
Maneuvers considered to be unduly exploitative of helicopters will result in a forfeit of that match to the opponent. Determination of exploitative use of helicopters is at organizer discretion, but the following should serve as a guide:
o Opening helorushes are not allowed.
o Late-game helorushes focused on CV-killing (as opposed to focused assaults on combat units) are not allowed.
o Sending a single helicopter around a flank to CV-snipe is allowed.
o Sending an opening recon helo across the map that kills CVs is allowed.
If you feel that your opponent may have abused this rule, contact true_orb on Steam immediately and submit the replay with the complaint and the time of the match it occurred. If you aren’t sure whether a particular technique is allowed by the organizer, ask before trying, don’t do it, or risk the consequences.

If you have questions, feel free to email

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