Make Wargame Great Again

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Make Wargame Great Again

Postby zhenchur » Sun 28 Jul 2019 17:00

Hello friends!
We are very depressed with friends by the fact that the game is starting to lose its popularity. Every day there are fewer online games, and it is becoming more and more difficult to start good balanced games.

By this, we decided to hold an event that would be different from all that was before. Namely, the open Wargame championship.

What will be different from the previous championships, you ask. We plan to raise the organizational level, and increase the scale. This will allow you to get the maximum coverage and everyone can play. We want to approach this wisely. Organize entertainment games with streams and commentators on YouTube.

We hope that this event will attract more attention to the game, increase the number of players and bring the series to a new level. It will be useful to all;)

All this in non-commercial format. It will be done by enthusiasts who are willing to invest their time in the event. All to get more fun from the game.

At the start, we ask you to take a small survey (it only takes a minute). This will allow us to more precisely arrange everything. Your opinion is important to us, and it can affect the event.

And of course help us spread the word about the event. The greater the coverage, the higher the chance that everything will go.

Thanks you!

Link to the page of the event with a poll ----->

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