REQ: Infantry Squad system

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Re: REQ: Infantry Squad system

Postby D-M » Mon 25 May 2015 12:54

Well it's difficult to verify, they avt as a single commandable unit but I can't verify if they share the same HP pool, IA logic, etc the game crashes way before any combats happen.

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Re: REQ: Infantry Squad system

Postby DragonNOR » Mon 25 May 2015 13:26

We don't necessarily need a squad refill option if that's what you're concerned, it's not going to be much of an issue if it means simpler work to just use the wargame squad code directly.

Thanks for the direction, we'll start looking at it, although I only started with the wargame mod tools recently so still learning from scratch.

And agree with Soundwolf, would be great if you can elaborate it more. Is the GroupCombat module still present and usable?
For formations which you mentioned, would it be possible to just use the squad formation code from wargame for infantries?

Hope you can now see what I meant in the previous post. Without the devs specifically coding a feature in, it's very hard or near impossible for modders to code it in themselves. And even if by some miracles it is added in by the modders, the feature may be very prone to bugs and crashes like with transport system you mentioned.

Which is why we're really supporting this custom squad system in the first place, it's an enhancement to the existing system but does not interfere with the current single infantry gameplay in any way. And will not have the refill and transport issues like you mentioned. Increasing the amount of options for players and modders alike.

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Re: REQ: Infantry Squad system

Postby Thomas191 » Mon 25 May 2015 13:59

Ehh guys it looks like they're going to charge money for the next beta, so you can only test out the game if you actually pay for that early access...

Can anyone from Eugen confirm whether this player made squad system can be implemented? Will not be ordering the game unless this feature is in. Tired of babysitting every single private, while also having to manage extensive bases, complex resources plus storages, and keeping the supply lines safe all at the same time.

(And just in case you're wondering DM, no I'm not talking about the wargame squad system, so don't even start bro :twisted: )

Sandy wrote:Haha yeah! Hard to find people nowadays who have played these classics, although I'm fine with its sequels, but not the 3rd one which is a clash of clans-like mmo. Company of Heroes is alright as well, just different and made for a newer audience. Thanks for your comments!

Oh whoa, didn't even know they're developing a sequel, just checked out some footage and article. The graphics looks pretty good, but the gameplay...

It's just a series of endless base assaults, almost nothing remains which made the original Blitzkrieg games great. Looks like that game is on early access too, what's with games nowadays and early access

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