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Postby BITS » Mon 18 May 2015 19:57

Hello, first I want to thank you for the opportunity of participation in the Beta.
Sorry for my bad English. I hope it's sufficient understanding.

Then I leave some suggestions:

-Small Increase in speed of the infantry. They Too slow for the size of these maps.

-Increase In zoom. Please! You do not need much. But give us the option of a little altitude for those who wish.

-Adjustments in the size of aircraft.
I think are too big. Maybe it's because the zoom does not allow more height.

-Adjust the speed of the trucks (harvesters). They are very quick to a cargo truck not you think? Also need to improve the model.

-Reduction for maps 1x1 2x2. They are too big to disturb the dynamics of the game.
I also noticed that the maps have bastente urban areas. I would like more maps deserts.

-I like to build my foundations of classical form. Make a Central Command Excavadora and guide there to the desired area. Atuamente this is very bad. build a "heavy" vehicle (in HQ) that ran like a Formula 1 car?

- Please, less macro and more war!!

-I think unnecessary two different war factory. I must say that after practically build a T2, T1 loses its value.

-Please! where this technology tree? With the command and conquer generals, the generals have special powers to choose from arcordo to your need in battle.

-I will not go into the merits of the motion physics. I know it's a beta and you certainly know that several units need improve their movements to a look more realistic.

Finally, these are just a few suggestions from a big fan C & C Generals. (That plays to this day)
I mean that loved playing AoA this weekend.
I see great potential in it and has everything to be a RTS exelente!
you have enough time to work on adjustments and possible interesting modificaçãoes.
Dejeso much Good luck! and wait anxiously for new imformações in the near future!

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