Ranked game 40 minute time limit.

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Re: Ranked game 40 minute time limit.

Postby football13tb » Thu 10 Sep 2015 22:09

That is exactly what happened to me warriorwounds... I had nuked my opponents entire base + hq off the map at the 38 minute mark and was building my " last " round of nukes when the timer hit and I lost due to score... Was very infuriated.


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Re: Ranked game 40 minute time limit.

Postby chykka » Thu 10 Sep 2015 22:12

Yeah means you can get through more matches without the possibility of one going to long.

The 40 minutes is fine, I already had a game end by the timer too a draw.

But not having a visible timer like others said doesn't give the player that incentive to make a push if they have no idea they only have 5 minutes left they could sit and think they have more time than they do making a poor timed
last push that never happened.

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Re: Ranked game 40 minute time limit.

Postby torinus » Thu 10 Sep 2015 23:13

WarriorWounds wrote:It just seems like it could lead to false wins and losses to me, say you've lost a lot of units in a bunch of long drawn out fights, but are about to destroy the enemy base because you've made a comeback, you still lose if the timer decides your score wasn't good enough.

Useless theorycrafting. When/if that happens people can put replays for review.

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