[AoW/AoA] AoA today VS his old brother

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Re: [AoW/AoA] AoA today VS his old brother

Postby Gnougnou » Sat 14 May 2016 18:24

Walker wrote: You have your opinion but do not talk for all players of this comunity.

I've never did.

Walker wrote:I am talking about changes YOU want to have because YOU know exactly what you want to do with it (beating your enemies even faster).

Absolutly not. Asking for tutorials, being able to scout, making outpost less expensive, adding more depth to ressource system and every other ideas I had were made to balance factions, make the game more interesting and help people. I try to explain my ideas as much as I can so people can understand why I want it to be done. Feel free to explain why you do not agree, but don't say I just want to beat my enemies even faster. I don't like micro games. I helped 3 new players by making some games against AI with them just so they could play properly and know how to put a ref correctly. But maybe I should have made a 1v1 against them and smash their base, that would have been fun and fair games !

Walker wrote:Your comparisons are non-sense. This is AoA, it it not Starcraft, Wargames, 8-bit armies or something else. So why do compare them every day ?(yea it is RTS but an apple taste also different when you buy it from a different Region) You order Eugen to make this game like the others. It´s your fault that there is Reboot.

I never compared this game to Starcraft or 8-bit armies, at least because I've never played both of those games. Starcraft is micro intensive and what I saw from it was pro gamers spamming their mouse like there was no tomorrow just to have a crazy APM.

Walker wrote:Vanilla Version was great! Me and many other players liked it. There were only some bugs to fix but you cried for Reboot.

Old AoA has always been better than the reboot, and I always said that. I've NEVER asked for a reboot. This thread is exactly about how to at least save the poor copy-paste they made from Act Of War as an emergency update to try to save the game...

Walker wrote:There is one easy solution: Play the vanilla version and enjoy the free scout at the beginning.

We tried twice. and it was just impossible to get a game. Maybe we didn't try enough.

Walker wrote:Do not get me wrong, I don´t need the turret too but it was Eugen´s decision and it is your arrogant manner responding to that what annoys me. By the way i can realize that HQ captures are declined, so that could be a good step for our new friends in the community.

Helping new players by giving them a free defense is absolutly not a good idea. It's like helping someone trying to fix his car by giving him a free new car : he will NEVER have to learn how to fix the problem. This is the same here : he won't learn how to protect his base against those kind of attacks.
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Re: [AoW/AoA] AoA today VS his old brother

Postby Predatorrrr » Sat 14 May 2016 18:26

Dont feed the hostile troll. :)

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Re: [AoW/AoA] AoA today VS his old brother

Postby AndreB » Sun 15 May 2016 00:33

Predatorrrr wrote:Dont feed the hostile troll. :)


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