[AoA Reboot] Patch v.424

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Re: [AoA Reboot] Patch v.424

Postby Predatorrrr » Fri 10 Jun 2016 11:39

Yes, thank you. :)
But I think this patch worsened the out of sync issue: viewtopic.php?f=192&t=57588

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Re: [AoA Reboot] Patch v.424

Postby Opticalx » Sat 11 Jun 2016 00:30

Better than a kick in the balls i guess. I'll come back to this game once A: Observe mode is overhauled so there is more information to talk about ie, current funds of each player (+ income per minute)/ unit count, number of ground units/ helicopters/ army worth/value B: A pass on unit price / balance ( Mainly infantry) C: A ladder reset and proper ladders for that matter, the system is not fun.

But, dreams will dream maybe one day, maybe not.
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Re: [AoA Reboot] Patch v.424

Postby lincrono » Sun 12 Jun 2016 05:41

The age of Proper Maneuver Warfare has begun! hands down this may be one of the best patches. So many options just opened up! So many units can now reach their full potential! I don't know how long this took to make work but it's damn good work!

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Re: [AoA Reboot] Patch v.424

Postby LionKeypr » Tue 14 Jun 2016 15:26

Latest patch has caused a problem. After purchasing the Stinger Block II upgrade for USA, the MG Nest becomes unbuildable. Please fix the MG Nest problem..

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