Infantry fail after loading out from vehicles

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Infantry fail after loading out from vehicles

Postby ELITE » Fri 19 Aug 2016 15:17

The movement of all infantry units in this game is horrible.

For example:

If i want to capture a enemy bank with 1 Namer and 10 felins and i load all felins out in front of the bank, the 3-5 felins which stands behind the Namer wont move into the bank, cause they running always at the namer but are not moving arround it.

The movement is very bad, cause u have to stop the felins and micro your namer aways from them to go into the bank.

Watch the infantry movement after loading out from vehicles from Act of War. There is was very brilliant.

And i agree with Predator, that its very bad if some soldirs are moving out of the bank without manual load off and without a reason. (no enemy attack)

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Re: Infantry fail after loading out from vehicles

Postby Megiddo » Sat 20 Aug 2016 03:31

Yep, i agree. Infantry management was the object of many topics some time ago.

Managing your infantry units in this case is often difficult, unless you create a group (ctrl+number) with all your infantry units, in your example the 10 felins, before embarking them in the Namer. so when you disembark them, you just have to recall the group and send them directly in the building.

Some time ago we suggested that infantry AND vehicles should be by default in the active selection when you use the disembark order. In this case, you have the Namer as the active selection when you are on the road, and as soon as you disembark the Felins, the 10 Felins AND the Namer should remain automatically as the active selection. It could raise other problems, but at least it's easier to micro one or two transport vehicles than 10 or 20 infantry units.

As another example, such a solution could be top notch when you micro an infantry drop with choppers, as the US dustoffs. so you're sure that your healing choppers follow and heal your infantry instantly, because your transports AND the infantry units are automatically in the active selection as soon as they disembark. even if you can manage it the other way by creating a group with the choppers, and a group for the infantry units...

Specially as those infantry units sometimes have pathfinding problems, collide in the vehicles and aren't able to walk around them, ending up stucked in the vehicles, where they should make their way through to garrison quickly a building, or at the opposite embark rapidly in their transports. Some tweaks on the pathfinding or the collision values could help for this?

On another hand, this problem is also connected to the way the formations are working in the game. Let's keep the examples with infantry units and Namers or Choppers. You can't give a long A-move order when Dustoffs or Namers and infantry units are selected, because Choppers and Namers won't stay in formation behind their infantry, covering them. You have to micro everything or they'll break the formation and go ahead, putting themselves at risk. Unless you multiply the tiny move orders. Homogeneous movements could be improved.

We sure could use some tweaks on these points guys :)
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