Ideas for reboot

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Ideas for reboot

Postby Titanon » Sun 28 Aug 2016 04:28

It is time the game needs some big change to attract more online players.

Adding more game options:

overrun infantry : enable/disable (they're so tough even pow)

share vision with enemies : enable/disable ( sounds crazy but it is fun to try )

weaken hp of units and buildings : -25%/50%/75% (maybe a way to eliminate unit spam)

pow generation : enable/disable (they run so slow and often block the road and bridge. So


resources harvesting speed : 25%/50%/75% ( it may increase the speed of rush and upgrade)

allow air strikes : enable/disable (original version players may like it more)

destroy enemy HQ : enable/disable (beat the player by destroy his HQ )

Create more maps :

Simply modify old maps by adding or removing some oil and bank. I'm interested to see what

will happen if there is only one oil for each player with higher harvesting speed and without


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Re: Ideas for reboot

Postby McNash » Mon 26 Sep 2016 18:02

I posted a tutorial to change the amount of money in the modding forums, if you are interested, you can actually reduce the amount of money in the bank to zero.

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